A Triumph-ant week at the mono motorcycles workshop


We’ve had a very Triumph-ant week at the mono motorcycles workshop this week, with Triumphs featuring extensively.

On Monday we welcomed one of the giants of the sports touring world, the Ducati Multistrada 1260S.

The Multistrada joined us for it’s Desmo Service & Cambelt change. Trying to find any pattern parts for this Ducati was all but impossible & we therefore used all genuine Ducati parts.

Tuesday was a very busy 14hr day, with Daniel trying to catch up on the overhanging jobs.

One such bike is the Ducati ST which has a random cutting out fault. We have repaired some wiring issues & thought we should change the fuel filter as we didn’t think it had been done for a while. Well, firstly the fuel filter canister was on around the wrong way & secondly the pick up filter wasn’t looking the best. All sorted now.

The next task was to assess the Triumph Bobber which we sorted the rear lights on a week or so ago. Our very good customer noted that her engine management light came on when she put the Triumph in Cruise Control. Having not used this function for some time, she was concerned about the light coming on.

Daniel has got a brake light switch on order to see if this clears the fault. We are aware that Triumph are offering an alternative loom for this issue, as we have seen this happen on this model before. However, if the Triumph is out of warranty, there is a considerable fee for the Triumph fix.

The VN800 Bobber which was booked some time ago for a motogadget install, has had some mechanical build issues which we were asked to complete (VN built by our customer) During the assessments & once the VN was able to be run remotely, it was found that the carbs were leaking. Since this issue has been resolved, the VN has now developed a water leak too.

With this in mind, we are going to re-book the VN for later in the year to complete the works, as we could not have anticipated the additional tasks above & beyond the motogadget install.

On Wednesday we welcomed a GSXR 1000 K5 in for a full service & new clutch & throttle cable.

On Thursday we welcomed a beautiful Triumph Speed Twin.

The Speed Twin  joined us for fitting of Andreani fork cartridges & set up.

On Friday morning we welcomed a gorgeous Triumph Street Triple R.

The R belongs to one of our returning customers & great supporters of mono motorcycles & joined us for an Annual Service.


In between the service work & other booked in work, we do sometimes have other motorcycles which have been booked in for one task & either need parts which are on back order or additional issues have been found. Therefore, what is often not seen on a Motorcycle Repair Centre diary, are the over hanging tasks which can accumulate.

We are always mindful of the fact that some bookings run overtime or have the need for parts or simply need more work than we had known about. Therefore, we are now ensuring that we check & re-check with our customers exactly what their needs are, what works have already been carried out on the motorcycle, any underlying issues, etc; to give us a better chance of allocating the correct hours to undertake the tasks at hand.

Furthermore, all customers will now receive all items removed from their motorcycles (excluding oil filters & fluids) in a sealed plastic bag, to dispose of at home or in the mono motorcycles bins.

Just to let everyone know, we are currently (at time of writing) booking from the beginning of October.

If you have missed your service window, know you are due a service, wish to book in for Winter 2020 or early 2021; we are taking bookings for service work in advance.

For all your motorcycling needs please contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 E: monomotorcycles@gmail.com or contact us through our contact page.