Adventure Motorcycle week @ mono motorcycles, Chichester


It’s been an adventurous kind of week at mono motorcycles. We’ve welcomed a BMW S1000XR, KTM super Adventure 1290 & the BMW R1200RT is complete.

KTM Super Adventure 1290

One of our regular customers asked us to arrange for the crash bars on his KTM to be powder coated. We waited until we had several pieces which needed to be powder coated & booked all of our customers with these needs, into one week.

The Wheel Specialist in Fareham has expert powder coaters on hand & Daniel has known the owners for many years. His good friend Olly from The Wheel Specialist, Fareham, who has a magic touch when it comes to powder coating; is always the go to man when it comes to powder coating. An outstanding job & it makes the front of the KTM even more mean looking than before!


Another regular customer to the mono motorcycles workshop, the Red BMW S1000XR. Our customer called us just over a week ago & advised that the XR was struggling to start. He let us know he had undertaken a service & tried to turn the service light out. Sine then, the XR wouldn’t run properly.

When we collected the bike & wheeled it into the workshop, it was also noted that the rear end was squeaking, like something had seized.

Daniel first plugged the XR into the TEXA Diagnostic to check for any fault codes. Nothing was stored. He then undertook a ECU factory reset, idle reset & turned the service light out. Once all of these three actions had been completed, the XR ran as she should.

Upon investigation of the rear end noise, it was found that the wheel bearings were making the lion share of the noise & the chain was really rusty. We fitted a Scottoiler to the XR over a year ago & despite our customer having kept it topped up & reset it, it hadn’t been working correctly.

Daniel greased the chain & rest the Scottoiler, which then worked. He replaced the rear wheel bearings & freed off the rear suspension linkage, as it had seized too.

Sometimes small issues can suddenly build up & create one bigger issue in a very short space of time.

The last job was to replace the cam chain tensioner with a new manual adjust tensioner, the XR was given a clean & today she headed off home, with her very happy owner.


For those of you who follow us regularly, you will know we have had a BMW R1200RT with us for the past couple of weeks. We were tasked with giving the RT a make over. This has entailed The Wheel Specialist, Fareham powder coating her wheels, engine side cases (cam covers) & luggage racks & Jamie Gladman painting side panels, diff cover & luggage.

Daniel Morris, former professional Zymol Concours D’Elegance detailer, has spent some time this week wet-flat & polishing the painted panels & mopping the paintwork to give a brilliant shine.

Daniel was also asked by the customer to wire up the spotlights. Upon investigation, Daniel found that none of the wires were attached & that the fuse for the spotlights was on the negative not the positive. Because the BMW is CAN Bus, Daniel has added a relay to take away the input & the spotlights now function correctly.

The BMW R1200RT will now be couriered back to her home in Hinkley, Leicestershire.

Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo

The Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo came back together this week. With the head on, timed up & the turbo refitted; the GPZ was taken for a test ride & her very relieved owner took her home on Thursday.  The GPZ now has some running in time, with instructions for the customer to ride below 1/3 throttle for the first 100 miles & no more than ½ throttle for another 250 miles. The GPZ will need to return to us at 500 miles for an oil change. With the engine having had such extensive works, it must be treated like it is being run in again.

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