BMW bike bonanza. It’s been a BMW fortnight at mono motorcycles


Over the past fortnight you’d be forgiven for thinking we had become a BMW specialist as we have welcomed no less than ten BMW’s to the mono motorcycles workshop in the past two weeks.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve had in & why they joined us.


First in our BMW bonanza fortnight, we welcomed a BMW R1150GS for Major Servicing, which included valve clearance checks. The GS had over 75,000 miles on the clock, which proves that these older model BMW’s are very robust & reliable.

BMW Major Servicing from £440 + Parts + £5 cons + £5 environmental charge + Vat @ 20% Please contact us directly for an estimate based on make/model


Next up, we welcomed a BMWF750GS for brake switch replacement & minor repairs. The brake switch was damaged in a minor off & had managed to brake one of the pins it is held on with. The pins are not sold separately, so our customer had to purchase the alloy plate intact, before we could attach the brake light switch.

Once the switch was fitted, the bike was safe to get back on the road.


Who doesn’t love the Café Racer styling of the BMW R9T? The 9T we welcomed to the workshop joined us for presales servicing & safety checks. Another great sale from DJK Motorcycles Ltd.


The BMW850GS joined us for Service & Safety checks, another great sale for DJK Motorcycles Ltd.

BMW R1200R

The R1200R joined us for a new screen fitting. Although this sounds like a relatively easy task, the good quality kit still had it’s challenges. The instructions were very generic & obviously intended to cover an array of different motorcycles & a selection of the bolts were missing.

However, once the screen was installed, the customer said how much it transformed his riding.


The BMW S1000 XR joined us for a fuel leak assessment. This is not the first XR we have seen with a similar fuel issue.

Once we took the tank off the leak was identified in the main fuel pipe, but as it was so close to the tank it was difficult to tell if it was the pipe union or the clips actually in the base of the fuel tank.

To ensure we address possibly two leak points, we have ordered the pipe & clips & now await the parts arrival from Germany.

BMW 1150 Rockster

The BMW 1150 Rockster Custom joined us as one of two motogadget motoscope pro installations.

We thought it might be of interest to see how many processes have to be gone through to fit a motogadget motoscope pro to a BMW & therefore we have included a copy of the information from the invoice.

1/ Removed seat, drained fuel tank ready to remove. 2/ Removed old clock & bracket. 3/ Removed loom for speedo dash. Cross ref wiring.  4/ Mounted breakout box under fuel tank.  5/ Removed handlebars, removed top mount/yoke. 6/ Drilled out steer bolts in rear of yoke. 7/ Removed ignition switch. 8/ Modified motoscope pro bracket to mount under ignition switch. 9/ Coated headstock & bracket with satin black paint before mounting to yoke. 10/ Refitted yoke assembly & dash. 11/ With tank removed, fitted motogadget breakout box under tank. 12/ Tidied wiring around gear to control dash functions. 13/ Fitted switch to LH switchgear to control dash functions. 14/ Fitted GPS sensor box under tank & connected power supplies. 15/ Fitted pick up sensor to headstock. 16/ Connected re-made loom to the breakout box. Tested. All OK. 17/ Refitted fuel tank. One of the quick release connectors was leaking, so replaced with new. 18/ Refitted fuel tank & lines. 19/ Configured dash & road tested to set up speedo. Speedo not working. Contacted supplier they instructed different set up. 20/ Removed fuel tank, connected system to the blue wire (16000 pulses). Speedo now working. 21/ Road tested to set up GPS. Now working correctly.

BMW GS1200

The GS joined us for valve clearance checks only, as the rest of the engine service had been completed elsewhere. As with so many BMW’s, the valve clearances were all within spec.

BMW R100 S custom

We have been instructed by one of our customers to recommission the gorgeous BMW R100 S Custom. The R100 Custom having been built & imported a few years ago, looks like it has not spent much time on the road & has been stored for at least 3 years.

Despite the Antigravity Battery being completely dead & the fuel having gone off, once we replaced the Antigravity Battery, drained & replaced the fuel; the BMW started & ran instantly.

The bike has already been fitted with an early motogadget mo.unit system, but some of the signals on the Acewell dash are not connected. Therefore, our next task is to make the repairs to the dash, get an MOT on the bike & then the customer will be making a keep or sell decision.

BMW K1100 Custom

The Custom BMW K1100 is undergoing the same process as the Rockster & having a motogadget motoscope pro dash installed. The old dash (see photo) weighs in at a considerable 1.408kg, whereas the motogadget motoscope pro only weighs 0.086kg! The weight difference should certainly help the bikes 0-60mph!

As with the BMW Rockster earlier in the week, we are upgrading the dash to the motogadget motoscope pro, replacing the very large former dash. Here’s a link to the video from the Rockster motogadget motoscope pro installation from earlier this week.


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