BMW, Norton, Yamaha, Honda, Triumph all catered for at mono motorcycles


It’s been a busy fortnight & with Katy out at a conference last week, we have got a lot to catch up on! Here is s snapshot of what we have been up to in the mono motorcycles workshop since Mon 28th Feb.

Mon 28th Feb

Today Daniel has started the rebuild of the Norton Commando 750 engine. The crank has been re-shimmed & the crank bearings replaced by Norman White & Andover Norton have been able to supply a myriad of genuine parts to bring the engine back to life. Watch this space!

Also up on the ramp on Monday, we welcomed a Yamaha Tracer 900 for: new tyres, service, lowering, new radiator cover, new sliders, HealTech Quickshifter, new charger lead, fitting of tank ring & arranging an MOT.

Weds 2nd March

No, it’s not ground hog day and you are not seeing double! The second MT09 Tracer of the week. This time a GT model. This one was in for a chain & sprocket kit, service & an arranged MOT.

Monday 7th March

Up on the ramp today we have welcomed a BMW F800GS for Major Servicing. During the process of servicing, the chain was found to be extremely rusty & seized. When we contacted the customer to authorise the purchase of a new one, she advised it was the original chain & in her words “not bad for 12,000 miles!”

We also welcomed a Triumph Rocket III to the mono motorcycles workshop for Major Servicing, USB cable & m.lock fitting. Daniel rode the Rocket prior to work & noted a considerable misfire. With little history to the bike, it was uncertain if it could be a valve.

Once work commenced, it was noted that the oil was black & had a burnt acrid smell about it, perhaps proving that the bike had not be serviced for some time.

However, after the service was complete & the bike was run up in the workshop, Daniel noted the misfire again.

Upon investigation, he found that the wires to one of the coils was loose. Hopefully with repairs made to the coil this will clear the misfire.

Tuesday 8th March

International Women’s Day 2022: Adventure Rider’s Elspeth Beard & Lois Pryce.

Elspeth Beard became the first British Woman to ride solo around the world. Leaving the comforts of home, she set off in 1982 on her BMW R60/6, returning to the UK in 1984. Her much acclaimed book ‘Lone Rider’ written some 30 years later has inspired generations of women to take to the roads.

Lois Pryce knew she was destined for greater things than her job at the BBC & already a keen biker she set off on April 30th 2003 on her Yamaha XT225 Serow to conquer the America’s. Lois’ trip took her 20,000 miles from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia at the tip of Argentina, the most southerly place in the world that can be reached by road. Her acclaimed book ‘Lois on the Loose’ is full of her rookie experiences, littered with incredible adventures & Lois’ quick wit & infectious humour.

Both women optimise what an Adventure Rider truly is & they both embody the sense of true grit & determination it takes to undertake these life changing journeys

Daniel managed to get the Bobber out on the road at the beginning of the week & road into work on a chilly Tuesday morning. He needed to test if the fix for the cruise control had worked.

When swapping out the rear light on bikes fitted with factory cruise control if the resistance value doesn’t match the Triumph rear light, the Can-Network thinks there is a fault with the rear light. This stops the cruise control & brings on the engine management light, most annoying!

Daniel measured the resistance value of the brake circuit of both brake lights & calculated that he needed a 330 kohm resistor. Once he had fitted the resistor in the loom, the fault light cleared & he carried out a cruise control adaption reset. Sorted! Cruise control is now working.

Friday 11th March

On Friday Daniel & Nathan began rebuilding the Ohlins forks for the Jack Lilley Special Triumph Speed Triple we are in the process of performing a makeover on. The Speed Triple has been in a dismantled state while many of the parts are being anodised & Cerakoted & as the bike will be being used as a show bike, the parts need to look as spruced up as is possible.

We are starting to prepare for our social calendar for 2022 & look forward to our popular Breakfast Clubs & our first Custom Bike show in June.


As always for all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.