CCM, Triumph, BMW, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Honda, Ducati at mono motorcycles


The sun is here, hurray! and we are busy as ever here at the mono motorcycles workshop.

Here is just a snapshot of some of the bikes we have been working on this past fortnight.

WC 10.06.2024

Triumph Tiger XRx

First up on the ramp we welcomed a Triumph Tiger XRx to fit supplied chain and sprockets and to adjust the Scottoiler.

BMW R nineT

Next up we have welcomed a BMW R nineT for Annual Servicing.

CCM Spitfire

On Tuesday we welcomed another stunning CCM Spitfire to the mono motorcycles workshop.

The CCM has a unique starting system using an RF receiver and fob system. The RF receiver on this CCM had failed and having spoken to our customer he authorised the purchase of a new receiver/fob.

During the CCM’s visit Daniel also found that the bike had an incorrect map and that the throttle was not set correctly.

Mapping and throttle balancing is completed by plugging the CCM into the diagnostic system and downloading the latest map and adjusting the throttle.

mono motorcycles are an authorised and approved CCM Service and Repair Centre.

BMW S1000Xr, Royal Enfield Meteor, Triumph Tiger GT Pro.

Friday was a busy day with several services and diagnostics being booked in. Three of the services were for a BMW S1000xr, a Triumph Tiger GT Pro and a Royal Enfield Meteor.

WC 17.06.2024

Royal Enfield Interceptor.

On Tuesday welcomed a Royal Enfield Interceptor for Annual Servicing.

Yamaha Virago

The Yamaha Virago also joined us for full servicing. During the service we noted a few things which will need attention in the future, namely the fork seals were starting to go, there was s small fuel leak from one carb and that the tyres were quite aged.

Our customer having been notified of these actions can now make the decision to re-book to have the work completed at a later date.

Ducati 848

We also welcomed a Ducati 848 to bleed through some new brake cables the customer has fitted and replace the rear brake pads.

BMW R1200 GS

On Wednesday we welcomed another BMW. The BMW R1200GS joined us for Full Servicing and to assess a vibration at higher revs and a fuel smell.

Having ridden the bike at receipt Daniel could certainly detect a slight vibration. Under investigation it could be the universal joint in the driveshaft. Again, this would need to be rebooked for a more in-depth look at the rear end of the BMW.  

The fuel smell was two things working against each other. When Daniel removed the filler cap it was noted that the tank around the area had warped and it looked like someone had tried to sand the warped part back. This in turn was making the seal under the filler cap not seat itself properly.

Daniel applied some sealant to the underside of the filler cap and replaced the cap. We have advised our customer that should the fuel smell persist, he may need to look into replacing the fuel tank and filler cap.

Honda NC750

Bella the Honda NC750 joined us again this year, making this the fifth year we have been looking after Bella. Bella always has a service and an MOT at the same time.

Earlier this year Bella had a considerable investment when both front fork stanchions were replaced. Unfortunately, due to pitting and rust on the fork stanchions, the for seals had leaked and even with new fork seals, the pitting was too harsh to prevent them from tearing.

We recommend to our customer that one way to prevent rusting on forks is to always clean them off when riding in the wet and or winter conditions where salt may be on the roads. Once dry, treating the stanchions with something like WD40 or GT85 on a cloth and apply a thin film across the stanchion, can help prevent rusting in the future.

Nimbus Type C

The Nimbus type C is one of the most unique looking motorcycles we have worked on, with a very 1920’s Steampunk look about it.

As a result of diversification by Danish vacuum cleaner manufacturer, Fisker & Nielsen, the Nimbus motorcycle first appeared in 1919.

The Nimbus we have welcomed is a 1954 model and joined us for electronic ignition fitting.

Yamaha MT-07

One of the MT-07’s has joined us today for some security upgrades.

Yamaha MT-07

The other MT-07 joined us to assess a non-start scenario. Although the customer had previously been advised that the battery was good, when it was tested at receipt it was completely flat.

After having the battery on charge overnight, it was tested again and as soon as the bike was spun over, the battery voltage dropped to 9v.

In this case the battery had been on an optimate for some time and not ridden for a while. The battery was not in the best of health but managed to get the bike to an MOT.

The battery was tested after the bike had been ridden. When a battery is failing but is still rideable, it can build up what is called surface charge – the battery is charged by the motion of the bike. At the time of the test, the battery seemed OK.

However, this doesn’t always mean the battery is still OK. Once the bike is inoperable again, a failing battery can often not recover as it simply doesn’t have enough left in it.

The best way to test a battery is put a voltmeter across the battery. If the battery is above 12.2v and when the engine is cranked it drops below 7v; this usually is an indicator that the battery if failing.


The sun is set to shine on us all weekend, so why not head out to the mono motorcycles workshop in Funtington, Chichester, PO18 9DA this Sunday 23rd June and join us for breakfast between 9am – 11am.

Katy’s Dad Pip is 80 at the end of June and we would therefore like to dedicate our June Breakfast Club to him.

Join us for delicious breakfast’s, chat with us about motorcycle service and repair, catch up with friends or drop in for a pit-stop.


We are currently booking from the third week in July. We now have Oaklie on board full time so this may change slightly, but we are absolutely stacked out currently.

If you know your Service is due, or you are planning a trip and need work done before, contact us with plenty of notice. T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email

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