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This week we continue our review of some of the custom motorcycles we have completed motogadget installs on this year.

Wiring an entire motorcycle takes knowledge, precision, expertise & understanding. Daniel prides himself on his attention to detail, his ability to hide as much of the wiring as is possible & removing bulky outdated & outmoded wiring, switchgear & lighting. In doing so Daniel creates a future proof wiring system with a minimalistic finish, sensitive to the expectations of the custom motorcycle design & finish & the customers’ requirements & expectations.

Triumph Bonneville White Helmets tribute 

One of the most beautiful builds we have had the pleasure of working on this year (& let’s face it we have had some stunning machines in!) is Oli’s Triumph.

The Triumph was built as a tribute to the Royal White Helmets T140’s in a scrambler style from a 2007 Bonneville 865 & ran FCR flat side carbs & straight through exhausts.

The triumph had been built to an extremely high standard by the owner, but upon arrival there was a fair list of parts which still needed completing.

Two of the key parts missing, were the battery tray & a mounting bracket for the reg/rec.  We decided to make the battery box as small as we could get away with, but there was a fair amount to fit inside.

Starting with a cardboard template, we made a box about the right size. Once happy with sizing, Gary made a temporary steel box so we could continue with the wiring while we gave the template to Ben at BM Fabrications to weld up the box in alloy which he then polished.

Next up we needed to mount the reg/rec. The Triumphs reg/rec is a bulky unit which would ruin the look of the bike if it was on show anywhere. Therefore, with this in mind we decided to mount it under the engine towards the back. This had a two-fold benefit of being in the cold air flow to keep it cool & meant we would only need a couple of wires going back up to the battery for the charging system.

This was only the beginning of the motogadget journey for the Bonneville. To find out more about the transformation, read our entire blog here

BMW R100

The BMW R100 Custom had been extensively modified before arriving at the mono motorcycles workshop. Our customer was dedicated to a certain look & spared no expense in ensuring that the very best modifications & components were used during the transformation.

When our customer arrived, he presented us with two large grey boxes. One was filled with the original wiring loom, the other was filled with the component parts he had sourced.

Our customer had purchased the motogadget m.unit blue. Although the motogadget m.unit blue comes with wiring in the box, it is only wire & this is not a plug & play system.

Our customer had already installed an SC project exhaust & WolzWerk handlebars & battery box.  He asked us to complete certain parts of the BMW customisation including modifying the bracket for the rear light, building one of the throttle cables & finding a solution for the ill fitting bracket for the motogadget Chronoclassic speedo.

Before we welcomed the BMW to the workshop, we had several months worth of communication & updates. Brexit & the pandemic delayed the start of the project, due to issues with delays on parts. However, with regular communication from the customer, we managed to ensure that we were all able to move forward once these hurdles were overcome.

This was only the beginning of the motogadget journey for the BMW. To find out more about the transformation, read our entire blog here

If you are interested in a motogadget system for your custom motorcycle, then please do contact Daniel Morris – mono motorcycles & Proprietor & Motorcycle Wiring Expert via email in the first instance E: , giving as much information as is possible about your project, preferably with photo’s to support your inquiry.


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