DATATOOL Security Options

Established in 1985, Datatool® was one of the first companies to bring electronic security to motorcycles and scooters.

As part of the renowned Scorpion Automotive Group, Datatool has evolved into one of the world’s leading motorcycle and scooter accessory brands, dedicated to bringing you the widest range of high quality security systems and accessories for your bike. With motorcycle crime at an all time high, we at mono motorcycles are proud to be affiliated with the market leader in motorcycle theft prevention.

Motorcycling has changed over the years & although we strive to preserve our lifestyle & our investments; there are those who wish to try & take this away from us.

Motorcycle theft in the UK

  1. Around 80 motorcycles are stolen every day in the UK.
  2. Around £8m worth of motorcycles are stolen every month.
  3. With a tracking system you have better than 4 out of 5 chance of recovering your stolen bike.
  4. A bike is over twice as likely to be stolen as a car.

When we  at mono motorcycles & vehicle security ask motorcyclists if they know where their motorcycles are at any given time, their self assurance wavers once they read the above statistics.

Therefore, do you know where your motorcycle is right now? In the car park? In your garage? Really? Are you sure?

What is the answer? How do we ensure that peace of mind is restored? Your answer; TrakKING, S4 Red, DATATOOL & mono motorcycles.

Statistics. All figures for 1 Jan 2017 to 31 July 2017 Stolen nationally: 18151 (MC 10368, up 21% on same period last year. Scooter 7783, up 15% on same period last year)

Recovery rate: 48% (MC 43% / Scooter 57%). Note: This figure includes bikes fitted with tracking systems, there are no figures to split bikes with tracking units fitted out of the overall recoveries.

Stolen London: 7194 (MC 2957 / Scooter  4237) London thefts are up 12.5% on the same period last year.

What security devices impact on motorbike premiums? On 15 February, 2017, analysed 42 motorcycle policies listed on the matrix of independent financial researcher Defaqto and found that many offered discounts for security devices, including alarms, trackers, disc locks, immobilisers, Datatags and ground anchors. Only 11 policies didn’t offer a discount for any of these devices, but the type of security devices that received a discount varied quite a lot from one policy to another.

Key points The right security can help reduce motorbike insurance premiums – Insurance savings will not necessarily outweigh the outlay on the security device – Look for Thatcham-approved devices, and check whether insurers recognise them before buying – If you tell your insurer you have a particular security device, make sure you use it.