International motorcycles & a myriad of repairs, servicing & wiring


It’s been a busy fortnight of extremes here at the mono motorcycles workshop, with an international flavour to the motorcycles we have welcomed through our doors.

We began our fortnight with an act of remembrance & reflection as we marked a year from the very first Covid lockdown. This was a message we posted for that day & a video which explored a little of what we have gone through, achieved & survived as a business.

Week commencing 22.03.2021

23rd March 2020 – 23rd March 2021.

Today (230.03.2021) we reflect on the past 12 months & remember all those who have lost their lives to Covid19.

On 23rd March 2020 a blanket of fear fell over the UK, as a new & deadly disease, a pandemic, washed up on our shores & took us into a National Lockdown.

One year on & so much has changed. Lives have been lost, businesses have shut their doors, families & friends have been kept apart. Social distancing, masks & hand washing have all become part of our daily lives as we try to protect ourselves & our loved ones from the effects of Covid.

Thankfully a vaccine programme now being in place gives us some hope, a light at the end of a very long tunnel.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us from the beginning of mono motorcycles & in particular over this last year. We could not have done it without you.

Please stay safe, stay well & we look forward to seeing you as soon as it is safe to do so. All the best, Daniel, Katy, Sprocket, Axle, Nathan & Team mono motorcycles.

Honda FMX650 – Wiring

On Wednesday last week, we welcomed a Honda FMX650 Off Road Custom for a re-wire. Our customer had asked us to simplify the wiring, as the bike will not be being used on the roads.

Daniel was given the original loom & he spent most of Tuesday stripping out the non essential parts & re-wring the bike.  Take a look at our YouTube video for the processes Daniel undertook to simplify & get the FMX running once again.


Ducati Monster – Service & Cambelts

On Thursday Nathan worked really hard & carried out a supervised interim service, battery replacement & removed & refitted the cambelt covers on the Ducati Monster.  Daniel then fitted the camblets & timed the motor up with new belts.

Triumph Street Triple – Knocking noise from the engine & Full Service

On Thursday, one of the TTRUK Forum Triumph Street Triple owners arrived with a worrying knocking noise. Upon inspection, Daniel found that the Stator bolts had come undone & were hitting the flywheel. Daniel then fitted new bolts & THREADLOCK the bike was as good as new. The Triumph is now undergoing a Full Service.

Week commencing 29.03.2021

Kawasaki VN1500 – Service

Up on the ramp on Tuesday, one of two of the Kawasaki VN range bikes we welcomed to the mono motorcycles workshop. The Kawasaki VN1500 joined us for a full service, battery replacement & post winter safety check.

Kawasaki VN900 – Intermittent break down fault

The second Kawasaki VN we had in the workshop was a VN900. The VN was reported to have an intermittent fault whereby it would cut out after 2-3rd gear. Daniel having taken it for several road tests to make it replicate the fault first drained the tank to find water in the bottom. He then used the TEXA Diagnostic Software to record data as the VN was moving. Daniel suspicion’s are it could be a map sensor causing the issue so we will get the multimeter out tomorrow for further checks.

Suzuki Bandit – Exhaust swap & Carb clean/rebuild

On Wednesday we welcomed a Suzuki Bandit to the workshop. The bandit had been sat for some time & was with us for carb clean/rebuild & change the exhaust.

The bolts in the head have been replaced with stainless steel. This means stainless into aluminium & they have all rusted & seized in place.

Having dropped the front wheel & forks out, Daniel then ended up having to chop the old front pipe off. This gave him a bit more room & managed to unscrew 4 of the 8 studs. After drilling out the rest of the bolts, Daniel has re-tapped & helicoiled the head!

Sometimes a job can become bigger than we could ever know upon booking in. This sometimes means that tasks can take longer than we had anticipated & this then has an impact on the other works we have booked in.

Honda eCub

Just because it electric, doesn’t mean it can’t be cool.

Introducing our latest eCUB build.

Ok, so we took the Shanghai customs kit and shook it up a little. Re-spoked the electric hub into a 4.25 wire rear rim, wider forks & multispoke front wheel, shorter frame painted by @jaacustompaint.

1000kwh rear hub motor laced to a 4.25inch rim, 30mph for 28 miles, around 4hrs to recharge from a 3 pin 240 plug. Surely the coolest retro town/paddock/campsite bike out there!

Still need to fit the headlight, side number plate & polish the forks & side pods.

Our next eCub build will also have a funky side car outfit! If you are in the UK & would like one built to your own spec, drop us a message.

Suzuki TL1000S – Service

On Friday we welcomed a lovely Suzuki TL1000s to the mono motorcycles workshop for a Full Service & safety check.

KTM Superduke R – Power commander

Also on Friday, we welcomed a KTM Superduke R for fitting of a Dynojet PCV AUTO TUNE (DUAL CHANNEL), a pair of AIS SAS Valve Eliminator SMOG block off plates & a K&N Air Filter.

As always for all your motorcycling needs, do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446  or contact us through our contact page.