Living the dream!

Living the dream!

Promoting mono motorcycles & vehicle security

So last Sunday the weather looked dry so Katy & I contacted Whiteways cafe (Bury Hill) to ask if we could do a promotional event for Datatool products and to get our name out there. We set up early to an already busy car park and it wasn’t long before we had a steady stream of people coming to ask about our products & services. We even met up with a few customers including Andy and his awesome Quadzilla. We always have a great bit of banter! Looking forward to seeing Andy next week as he has booked the Quadzillia in for a full service.

Bit of banter with a regular customer

Another hectic week in the workshop started off by having two welding jobs and no welder! I trained as a welder and sheet metal fabricator at collage back in the late   80s/ early 90s (yes I am that old!) Although I’ve had my fair share of welders over the years, I’ve not had the need for one for the past ten years but times have changed.

A great investment for mono motorcycles

I wasn’t prepared to buy a hobby type welder and wanted something that would last. After much reading I settled on a Oxford mig welder. British made and a good deal from Mig Tig Arc in Portsmouth, the credit card took a battering, however I am very pleased with the purchase.



A few months back I met a guy that has a 1972 Honda CB750 f1, he asked me if I could recommission it as it had been stood for the last 8yrs. I started with the brakes, full strip re-paint, new seals pads and lines. Looking good we fitted a new exhaust, battery and fresh fuel. Hit the starter and away she went! Admittedly it was on 3 cylinders, but a tap on the float bowls and in cane the forth! Back next week to pull the carbs off, I will then bring them back to the workshop and give them a full strip and ultrasonic clean.

New mig welder gets put through it’s paces

As your more than likely aware, we are Authorised installers for Datatool Products. This week we have sorted a couple of installs for two of the nicest customers to date; genuine, funny and truly encouraging. I can honestly say bikers are the possibly the nicest people you can ever meet. I really feel like I am living the dream!