mono elekTrik (TM)

Electrification of motorcycles is advancing and the Electric Revolution has begun.

It is no secret that the inhabitants of the world have a limited time to reduce their emissions. With global transport emissions estimated at 25% of overall global CO2, there is a lot to do to reduce those emissions and keep global temperatures at or below 1.5°C

In a response to the need to reduce CO2 emissions, global governments have created low and zero emissions zones in their cities, with the UK ULEZ’s (Ultra Low Emissions Zones) spreading across the UK capital, London and other major UK cities.

With hydrogen or electric buses and electric Taxi’s now the norm in London and other major UK cities, the way we travel is changing at a dramatic pace and it would seem that electrification is leading the way.

Although electrification offers a zero emissions at the tailpipe option for smaller road vehicles, it is not the only option and is not suitable for all transport sectors. Here at mono motorcycles we firmly believe in a multi fuel approach for the reduction of transport emissions. We are also keen to highlight how sustainable and zero emissions fuels can and will make a huge difference to global CO2 emissions.

We are at our core a traditional motorcycle service, repair and wiring specialist. However, we have also always been keen to ensure that we are making an environmental difference as part of our business ethos.

Over the past few years we have been converting Honda C90 Cub’s to eCubs using what was the Shanghai Customs (SC) conversion kit. Sadly SC are no longer trading and therefore we have been looking for an alternative to continue to offer our customers small CC electric conversions. Then we found Ben Surain and E-core!

mono motorcycles and E-Core

Belgian designer and engineer Ben Surain is an inventor and innovator with sustainability at the heart of everything he does. As an admirer of Soichiro Honda, Surain had always wanted to create a sustainable substitute engine for models such as the Honda Dax, Cub, and Monkey models and 90% of pit bikes.

With the E-Core, small cc Honda motorcycles can be given a new lease on life. The E-Core offers a plug and play electrification device to convert small cc motorcycles to electric. The E-Core has been designed to allow the retro styling of the original motorcycles to remain, with only the combustion engine being replaced with the E-Core unit.

We are so excited to be working with Surain and to announce that we are to be the importer for the E-Core into the UK. Watch this space and keep an eye on our social media channels for more updates as to when you can purchase your very own E-Core or can seek our full E-Core electric conversion option.