mono motorcycles review of 2021. Unpredictable, challenging, diverse & awesome!


So, we started 2021 amidst another national lockdown! Having struggled through 2020, we were ready & raring to go, only to have the brakes put on by Covid19 once again.

However, as an essential business we were able to remain open & our customers managed to get their bikes to us, with us making some local collections.

Covid & Brexit did play their hands however & between the two of them made a huge dent in deliveries & especially items from Europe. This meant that some of our winter motogadget wiring projects had to be put back, as our customers simply couldn’t get hold of their parts.

However, when they did arrive, our custom motogadget bikes were incredible. One such custom was the Triumph Bonneville Royal White Helmets tribute bike.

Triumph Bonneville

One of the most beautiful builds we have had the pleasure of working on in 2021 (& let’s face it we have had some stunning machines in!) was Oli’s Triumph.

The Triumph was built as a tribute to the Royal White Helmets T140’s in a scrambler style from a 2007 Bonneville 865 & ran FCR flat side carbs & straight through exhausts.

The triumph had been built to an extremely high standard by the owner, but upon arrival there was a fair list of parts which still needed completing.

Our main task was to completely rewire the Triumph using the motogagdet system. 

To find out more about how mono motorcycles played their part in this customization, follow the link below.

Malle Mile – by Daniel Morris

“Malle Mile is one of the UK’s most outrageous custom bike meets & having never been, I had no idea what to expect!

What a fantastic layout, like a mini festival surrounded by some beautiful machines, music, awesome lighting, food & drink with everyone having a great time.

On the Saturday evening I made my way to the hill climb & a crowd started to gather as the track was lit up & the other riders gathered. The MC arrived with the video teams, fire breathers, fireworks & other pyrotechnics. It was time to race!

Going off in pairs I lined up alongside a home-built bike running a 1500w drive motor & a stack of batteries all in a Matisse frame. Thinking I am in trouble here, I’ve even got road tyres & he’s on knobbly’s, I waited for the flag to drop. Go!

I made a dash for the first corner, all the motocross tricks I had learned as a kid came into play holding the Matisse special off through all the turns. Out of the final turn was a straight run to the flag up hill.

Unfortunately, the hill was hard going for the little eCub & the Matisse passed me with ease just before the line. We rode back around to the start line & lined up for another go. Boom! another shoot up the hill with lots of whooping & hooping from the crowd! Again I lost out across the line, but it was great fun with a fist pump from other rider as we came back down to line up again.

The whole weekend had a positive festival feel about it & everyone seemed to be having the very best time. Katy’s Dad enjoyed everything & would often find a perfect vantage point to be able to watch multiple races at one time.

The incredible custom motorcycles on display were a testament to the innovations of the custom bike scene & having an opportunity to race the ‘mono elekTrik’ Honda eCub was fantastic fun, especially as it was up hill in the dark!”

To find out more about Daniel’s Malle Mile weekend, follow the link below.

Axle’s 1st Birthday

Our 5 stone fur baby Axle was 1 years old on Friday 13th August!

Axle did not have the best start in life having been abandoned as a surplus to requirement street puppy on the Romanian streets. But thanks to the dedication of Jackie Turner & Mioritic Dog Rescue/Pounds Fur Paws Axle was saved from the streets & to be honest goodness knows what fate, at about 2-3 months old & he joined Sprocket & our family just before Christmas 2020 when he was just 4 months old.

Axle is the gentlest soul, but he still has echo’s of his life on the Romanian streets & those who know him can see that sometimes. Time, we hope, will heal those mental wounds, drive away his demons & allow him to settle because to be quite frank, we love him & Sprocket to the absolute moon & back.

Built Magazine Feature

You must had been living on the moon to not see our social media posts & excitement at being featured in Built Magazine Issue 36!

We were absolutely delighted with the outcome of the article & thank the Built team for featuring us in their great publication.

Breakfast Clubs

Our very popular Breakfast Clubs season made a sketchy start to 2021 what with the weather & the ongoing threat of Covid.

However, once the weather had sorted itself out, there were plenty of Sunday mornings where bikers joined together for a hearty breakfast, dropped in for a pitstop & more importantly gathered together to enjoy being outdoors once again.

Charity Quiz

What an incredible night Friday 3rd December 2021 was! The Pallant Centre was a hive of excitement & festive cheer. Attendees got in the swing of things at the bar & the raffle.

James Hillier Racing was our very special guest & offered an impromptu Q&A session, started our raffle draw off & was happy to pose for selfies & answer questions from the guests. Huge thanks to James Hillier Racing

With ticket sales & the incredible raffle we raised £1000 for SERV Wessex Blood Runners. Huge thanks to every single person who attended & to all of our supporters.

Despite the ongoing challenges we have faced as a business & the continued challenges Covid poses to us all; 2021 has been a varied year, full of diversity.

As we move into 2022 with a fresh outlook & an already booked calendar for January; we take some time to reflect on what went well, what was a bit wonky & what we can do better in the future.

We are always seeking ways to improve our customer experience & we appreciate all of the support we get from customers, family, friends & supporters.

Here’s to an unpredictable, exciting & challenging 2022. Bring it on!

All the very best to everyone, from Daniel & Katy

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