motogadget wiring solutions for Yamaha XS750 & Yamaha XS650


Over the past four years, mono motorcycles has grown & developed into one of the UK’s premier.

Daniel Morris – Proprietor & Master Technician, starting riding motorcycles at the age of six. Now, with over 30 years experience in the automotive trade & having then spent ten years as a technical specialist with the AA; he has a natural aptitude for motorcycle wiring & electrical issue diagnosis.

Over the past couple of years we have had the pleasure of working on some simply stunning custom motorcycles. In this instalment of our Custom Bike Blog Season, we take a look back at two of the Yamaha XS models we have uprated & future proofed with the incredible motogadget system.

Motorcycle wiring is like the central nervous system of a motorcycle.

Each wire carries electrical pulses to essential components. Just as with a human being’s central nervous system; motorcycle wiring must be treated with the utmost care, consideration & an absolute knowledge of how the system works.

Daniel takes enormous pride in being able to offer customers the very latest in motorcycle wiring solutions. The glory of Daniel’s work is in the fact that for the most part, it cannot be seen; hidden away, keeping the custom motorcycle streamlined & minimalistic, sending silent signals throughout each wire.

Every job we welcome through our doors is different from the last & none more so than the motogadget installs. Not only is each install individual & unique, but we also constantly strive to adapt, improve & diversify on every job we welcome to the mono motorcycles workshop.

Yamaha XS750

With all our motogadget installs we start with drawing a wiring diagram. Although we have completed a few Yamaha XS’s now, the wiring diagram can be very different from model to model & depending on what our electrical choices our customer specifies.

The Yamaha XS750 Triple was already running a motogadget m.lock keyless ignition when it arrived in the mono motorcycles workshop. Our customer knew how good the motogadget products were & fed up with the bike breaking down with silly electrical faults; sought us out before “it ended up in a pond” His words, not ours!

The first motogadget wiring looms we created were joined up. On some motorcycles which are really exposed, there can be no room for connector blocks. This is fantastic as it makes the wiring extremely neat & compact, but an annoyance if you have a failed component or you want to strip the bike for any reason.

Therefore, we have been working hard to make this work better on the wiring looms we build. With this in mind & for this XS750, we have made two separate wiring looms which in a few minutes can be unplugged from the motorcycle making servicing & upgrades easier.

In addition, another adaptation we focused on for this motogadget install, was making the wiring looms a little more like the wiring looms you would expect to see on a production motorcycle, although a lot less cluttered & as hidden as possible.

To find out more about the XS750 motogadget journey, please do follow the link to the blog below:

motogadget wiring install on Yamaha XS750 @ mono motorcycles

Yamaha XS650 Scrambler

The wiring on the Green Scrambler style XS, has benefited from a motogadet m.unit system with & anti-gravity battery, electronic ignition, lights, indicators & a dash with a GPS speedo.

As will all our wiring jobs we start a good few weeks before the bike is actually booked in.

First, we undertake a lengthy consultation to work out what the customer requirements are & the intention of use.

In this case as the customer wanted to use the bike, keep it within MOT laws & bring it more up to date; we recommended a rewire using a motogadget m.unit. Then a few weeks before we start work, as we do with all bigger wiring jobs, we start by drawing a wiring diagram.

The customer had thought ahead & made a lovely box located up under the seat unit. He had already bought an anti-gravity 8 cell battery which can be laid on its side. We had plenty of space to fit the starter solenoid alongside & also the m.unit.

To find out more about the XS650 motogadget journey, please do follow the link to the blog below:

motogadget install XS650 Scrambler & Capacitor wiring XS650 Flat Tracker

If you are considering undertaking a custom motorcycle project & are interested in the motogadget options for your project; then please do contact us with any questions or estimate requests on or call us on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446


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