Motorcycle wiring & electronic innovations are one of the core disciplines of mono motorcycles.

Daniel Morris – Proprietor & Master Motorcycle Technician has his finger on the pulse when it comes to the very latest innovations in the motorcycle world.

Building a custom motorcycle & considering your wiring choices? 

One of the very best systems for wiring a custom motorcycle is the motogadget m.unit & accessories. motogadget are at the cutting edge of providing motorcycle wiring solutions for the custom scene & their products are beautifully engineered & can transform a custom build, upgrading & future proofing wiring & electrics.

‘motogadget’ are on the cutting edge of innovative & inspirational solutions for motorcycle electronics. Their ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue is THE biggest innovation to happen to modern motorcycle building.

The ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue is THE biggest innovation to happen to modern motorcycle custom builds.

Here at mono motorcycles we can undertake the full wiring of your motorcycle, including sourcing all of the appropriate parts.

If you are seeking the very best & most knowledgeable expertise, then we can transform your motorcycles wiring, uprating, upgrading & future proofing for you.

mono motorcycles also have the facilities to fabricate bespoke battery boxes, brackets to seat dash options, drilling of handlebars to hide wiring. All of our work is braided & heatshrunk & carefully hidden to preserve the minimalistic lines of a custom motorcycle.

With the option to uprate & upgrade switchgear to minimalistic momentary push switches, supply & install the very latest miniature 360° indicators, rear light options, headlight upgrades & being able to blue tooth the entire system to your mobile phone; the options are endless & can transform your motorcycles performance & add to the aesthetic finish.

Estimated costs 

Each motorcycle has individual needs & dependant on whether the motorcycle has carbs or is fuel injected, depends on the complexity of the bespoke motogadget wiring loom. Note: motogadget is not plug & play. 

A very broad reaching estimate for a carb motogadget installation is 15-20 hours @ £57 per hour (£855-£1140)+ Consumables (£50-£100) + Parts + VAT @ 20%

A very broad reaching estimate for a fuel injected motogadget installation, which involves splicing part of the fuel injection loom into the new motogadget loom is 20-25 hours @ £57 per hour (£1140-£1425)+ Consumables (£50-£100) + Parts + VAT @ 20%

Daniel prides himself on ensuring every motorcycle is finished to the highest standard, understanding the customer’s needs & requirements with meticulous precision.

The ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue uses can-bus digital networking to eliminate the need for relays & fuses also halving the amount of cabling, using single touch buttons which can control multiple commands through one switch, making for neat, precise & minimalistic builds.

An example of this is how the motgadget unit controls the headlight. Push the headlight button once quickly & the main beam will flash. Press & hold the button for 1 second, the headlight low beam will come on. Press again & it will bring on the main beam & again will switch the head light off.

One button. One wire. Thus eliminating 6 wires, 2 relays & 2 fuses from the loom & that’s only one switch circuit.

The ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue can also detect what type of indicators are fitted & flash at the right speed with whatever load, LED or bulbs. You can also set up auto cancel to switch off 30 seconds after releasing the brakes should you forget.

The rear side light & brake light can be wired using only one wire. Joining the one wire to both connections at the rear light unit, the ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue uses pulse width modulation to control the light.

The easiest way to explain this set up is the rear light is sent a digital wave to both the side & brake lights. The rear light would receive a lower voltage (around 5-6v on a 12v system making a dim light), then when the brake light is activated, the m-unit blue would send a full 12v signal making the light brighter.

The ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue can also sense de-acceleration & utilising a g-sensor, can detect hard braking, which then flashes the brake & hazard lights, to help prevent a rear end shunt!

Another feature, should you choose to use it, is the keyless system called m-lock. This can be activated via a fob or even from the Bluetooth from a smart phone! 

Another feature, should you choose to use it, is the keyless system called m-lock. This can be activated via a fob or even from the Bluetooth from a smart phone!

If you are interested in the motogadget system for your own motorcycle & wish to find out more, please do contact Daniel Morris for a bespoke estimate on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 E: or contact us through our contact page.

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