Motorcycle detailing & valeting

Motorcycle Detailing

Detailing is an essential part of motorcycle ownership. With all motorcycles being susceptible to UV damage, salt, fallout & acid from insects, it is always wise to protect against the damage these environmental issues can cause.  Therefore, not only does detailing preserve the paint finish of the motorcycle, but it also helps prevent rust, oxidisation of paint finish & corrosion to unprotected alloys.

Unlike most other motorcycle detailer’s,  here at mono motorcycles we pride ourselves on the ultimate protection for your motorcycle.

Not only do we correct all your painted surfaces, we also remove all fairings & wheels, polish corroded exhaust systems, flat and polish plastic headlights. As part of the detailing package, we even re-grease your chain before sealing your pride and joy with a combination of nano sealants, Zymol waxes & ACF50; giving your bike the ultimate protection.

mono motorcycles unique detailing protection package is unlike any other. mono motorcycles use a mixture of a hand applied sealants to all the paintwork, metals, wheels, followed by a nano spray to seal all the hard to reach areas. The nano sealant protects your motorcycle from oil, road grime, fallout, mud & salt, making it easier to clean.

ACF50 preserves the unprotected areas such as bare alloys, helping to protect your motorcycle & keep the resale value. This can be used on any type of motorcycle from road, sports bikes, customs & even off road machines!

An immaculate Honda CBR1000RR joined us for professional detailing & Ceramic coating/NANO Seal
An immaculate Honda CBR1000RR joined us for professional detailing & Ceramic coating/NANO Seal

Here is what is involved in full professional detailing from mono motorcycles

  • Wash & de-grease using ph neutral shampoo snow foam.
  • Clay bar tank, fairing panels to gently remove any ground in dirt.
  • Remove fairings, hand wash engine & panels.
  • Dry with warm air & microfiber towel.
  • Remove seat & panels
  • Dry clean & re-seal all electrical connections.
  • Polish exhaust system to remove oxidisation. (Acid clean & re-polish only if required).
  • Remove wheels to gain access. Clay, polish & seal wheels, shock absorber’s & underside of mudguards.
  • Wet flat & polish headlight (plastic) to remove chips & yellowing.
  • Plastic polish to screen if fitted.
  • Detail engine, frame & swing arm.
  • Polish & seal all wheels & calipers.
  • Polish inside all panels & seal by hand with nano protection.
  • Coat all surfaces with nano spray sealant
  • Refit wheels, clean & re-grease chain. Check & adjust chain & tyre pressures.
  • Refit fairings.
  • Paint correction to all painted surfaces.
  • Paint cleaner, nano polish & nano sealant applied by hand.

A full motorcycle detail  can take between 4-8 hrs, depending on the make & model of motorcycle & it’s condition.

Full professional detailing prices start from £192 (4 hours) + VAT, £240 (5 hours) + VAT, £288 (6 hours) + VAT, etc.

Motorcycle valeting

Motorcycle valeting is still one of the best ways to ensure your motorcycle is kept in good condition & regular valeting can help preserve the longevity of your motorcycle.

However, valeting is a very different process than detailing. Please see below for the list of processes valeting entails.

  • De-grease & two phase snow foam wash
  • Compressed air & microfibre towel drying
  • Wheels cleaned & polished
  • Panels cleaned & polished
  • ACF50 treatment to engine, frame & under belly
  • Full polish to paintwork, lights & mirrors
Motorcycle valeting from mono motorcycles starts from £75 + VAT dependant on the motorcycle make & model & it’s condition.

What our customers say.

“Absolutely brilliant service from mono AGAIN. Awesome detailing and ACF completed. My bike has NEVER looked so polished! Cannot recommended mono highly enough. ” S Watson – September 2019

“If you want a top drawer service from folk that make you feel like family, don’t waste time reading this. Get booked in!” W Coulston – April 2019

“Katy & Dan are caring, conscientious and 100% professional. The workshop is spotless & great care is taken over each and every job however big or small. I have just availed myself of their excellent winter detailing package and had my bike returned to me better than the day it left the showroom. I can’t recommend Mono Motorcycles highly enough – you won’t be disappointed. ” E Slade – October 2019