Motorcycle repair, servicing & just a few carbs @ mono motorcycles

Well, Winter is most definitely upon us. It’s a bit cold & a bit gloomy outside. But despite the seasonal snap, we are still busy at the mono motorcycles workshop. Lets see what we’ve been up to this week.

On Monday we welcomed another trike to the mono motorcycles workshop. The VW Beetle engine trike joined us for some wiring tidying. We were tasked with wiring the headlight & front indicators.

However, as Daniel began to unravel & investigate the rest of the trike’s wiring throughout the day; it became very evident that the trike was sadly dangerous in parts. This is not the first time this year that we have seen trike wiring which could have caused considerable issues.

In this case, Daniel found evidence of home electrical wire having been spliced into looms, connectors corroded & in some cases wires completely loose with no idea where they originally came from or where they should be going.

Nathan, who has a natural aptitude for soldering & is very precise in his work; soldered, connected & heatshrunk the lights & undertook part of the testing (supervised) of the front end wiring.

Our customer came to see us on Tuesday & we have agreed to re-wire the entire Trike in early 2021

On Tuesday welcomed one of our returning customers KTM Superduke 1290R which joined us for an annual service & brake fluid change.

As Daniel says every time he gets an opportunity to take a Superduke out “they are animals!” (formerly owned a Superduke 990)

On Wednesday the Ducati Monster 900 re-joined us, we are determined to get this old girl running right. Carbs came back off it today we are going to fit a Dynojet kit & carry out a full carb rebuild to see if that helps.

Daniel spent most of the afternoon rebuilding the Norton Commando after the starter clutch decided to part company with the crank.

New parts arrived from @altonstart in France so after 2hrs of cleaning & cleaning again, we managed to install the replacement parts.

While repairing the Norton, Daniel checked some of the wiring & found that some of the original wires were showing signs of overheating & in some parts they casings had melted. Daniel has repaired these wires, but as so much of this Norton is original, this may become an ongoing thing.

On Thursday morning we welcomed a Triumph Tiger, whose owner had braved the elements to ride to us this morning. The Tiger joined us for annual servicing.

Carbing heck! That’s a lot of carbs!

On Thursday afternoon Daniel was stripping down, cleaning, ultrasonically cleaning & rebuilding the following motorcycle carbs:

Triumph Thunderbird – Mikuni Corp

Norton Commando – Amal

Ducati Monster – Mikuni Corp

Suzuki VN – Mikuni Corp

On Friday morning all of the set’s of carbs had been cleaned, ultrasonically cleaned & then came the task of rebuilding all of them.

The Ducati Monster 900 which had extensive works undertaken just over a month ago (having been sat for in excess of 5 years) never quite ran correctly, even after the carbs had been completely rebuilt. Upon inspection today, with the choke’s being made of plastic, the end of the needle on one of them looks like it has melted. This would then make the carb over fuel, hence it not running correctly. All new parts are now on order & by the time we have fitted the new carb kits, Dynojet & chokes; the Ducati carbs will have been completely rebuilt all bar the actual bodies.

We are still running our Christmas Charity Raffle (draw on Fri 11th Dec) & are only £30 off our £250 target. If you would like to purchase some tickets you can either go to our Facebook events page & find out details how to pay, or simply call us & pay over the phone.

We are currently taking service bookings for Spring 2021. If you are seeking motorcycle servicing for 2021, we advise booking early as it will be a busy year for servicing next year.

For all your motorcycling needs, contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.