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Mono motorcycles & vehicle security, Havant, are pleased to announce the next generation of DATATOOL tracker is now available.

TrakKING Adventure is now available!

Mono motorcycles & vehicle security, Havant,  are pleased to announce the release of the  second generation motorcycle tracker solution. The DATATOOL TrakKING Adventure, is now available to order.

DATATOOL TrakKing Adventure

DATATOOL TrakKing Adventure

TrakKING Adventure uses all new hardware with GPS & GLONASS satellite positioning technology. The TrakKING Adventure offers a host of new features including:
  • Full journey logging, with location, speed and heading recorded every 15 seconds
  • Cloud storage of journey history, available to view online utilising an embedded Google Maps interface
  • ‘Early Warning’ movement notification via text message
  • Optional ‘G Sense’ bike down notification
  • Customisable location based alerts (geo-fence based)
  • Thatcham TQA approval
TrakKING Adventure is a completely new product. Datatool have worked hard to ensure the low current draw and highly accurate tracking of the original TrakKING product have been retained or improved upon. The use of GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning allows TrakKING Adventure to retain a highly accurate positional fix. This positional fix is now for a greater percentage of time, compared to a purely GPS based system.

Mono motorcycles & vehicle security, Havant have an introductory offer on the TrakKING Adventure of £299 supply & fit (RRP £330.00) + subscription. The monitoring subscription is available monthly at £9.95 per month or annually at £109.00.

This is a limited offer & bookings with a £50.00 deposit would need to be made before 31st January 2018, to qualify for this offer price. After the 31st January 2018, the supply & fit price will reflect the £330.00 RRP.

The original TrakKING product will also continue to be available for the customers who do not require the additional features offered by TrakKING Adventure. Supply & fit price remains unchanged at £299.00 with the monitoring subscription also remaining unchanged at £8.95 per month / £99.00 per year.
TrakKING Adventure apps for iOS and Android smartphones will be available later this month, the app for TrakKING is already available.
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