Motorcycle, Service, Repair & celebrations @ mono motorcycles


We started our week with some fantastic news as we congratulated our dear friend Stu & his now wife, T, for finally getting married on Saturday 8th May.

Covid has kept this incredible couple from tying the knot on more than one occasion; but as the saying goes ‘Love conquers all” We wish them happy thoughts for a lifetime of adventures together.

On Monday, we welcomed a mean looking Triumph Speed Triple to the mono motorcycles workshop.

The Speedy joined us this week us for powder coating of wheels, service, new rear tyre, wiring assessment, fitting of new brake lines & pads all round, starter cables, sprockets front & rear, new chain & wiring up Healtec gear indicator.

Our customer having already invested considerably into the Speed Triple, has spared no expense in his latest round of modifications with Brembo Discs, Iridium Plugs, Genuine filters, PB Bolts, DiD Gold chain, Hel Brake lines & sprockets & new bar risers.

The wheels having been expertly powder coated by The Wheel Specialist, Fareham, add another depth of darkness to the already menacing looking Speed Triple.

As Daniel worked through the list for the Triumph Speed Triple on Thursday, he also was in the process of completing a Major Service on a Triumph Daytona (yes he does have two pairs of arms & yes he apparently can be in two places at once!)

The Daytona had not been serviced for a while & as Daniel began undoing relevant bolts, this became apparent. When undertaking the valve clearance check, Daniel found that the inlet valves were so tight, that he could not even get the 0.05 feeler gauge underneath the shims. Therefore, this Daytona will be having 6 shims replaced.

Up on the other ramp, Gary has been working on a Honda VFR800 this week.

We were advised that the bike had not been run for a while, but when it arrived, we also discovered it had been outdoors & uncovered for over a year.

The first thing we needed to assess was if the fuel had gone off & if the tank had water in it (common when bikes have been out in all weathers for long periods of time) As Daniel lifted the fuel cap, the inside was so corroded, we couldn’t get the key in the lock.

We have therefore had to agree with the customer to drill out the lock & replace the fuel cap. However, in the mean time, Gary has stripped & rebuilt the brake calipers, is ploughing through the service & is in the process of removing the discs to clean them up as they are quite rusty.

The bike is also showing signs of being outside near a sea water based environment, as the corrosion on the bike looks like sea water (saline) damage. Although this can be removed, it does play havoc with mechanical parts of motorcycles & can make things seize.

A new chain & sprockets are to be fitted, new heated grips & when she is road worthy & safe; she will have an MOT arranged & be detailed.

We do offer supply & fitting of tyres at the mono motorcycles workshop. This week we welcomed a BMW F800 & BMW S1000R for brand new rubber. If you are interested & or are looking to upgrade your tyres, please do call us on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 for a quote.

We are taking short but much needed holiday next week 17th – 22nd May, returning to the workshop on Monday 24th May. Our answer machine service will be on if you need to leave us a message or send us an email or use our contact page & we will get back to you upon our return.

Don’t forget to set the date for our first Breakfast club of 2021. Sunday 27th June we expect it to be busy morning & an opportunity for us all to catch up after a very long time.

As always, for all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.