New staff, motorcycle wiring, service & repair @ mono motorcycles


It’s been an eventful fortnight at the mono motorcycles workshop. The mono motorcycles team has expanded again & we have welcomed a wide variety of motorcycles into the workshop.


Most Bank Holidays we tend to work behind closed doors to help us catch up. This Bank Holiday we booked a very eye catching Suzuki GSXR 750 in for a Major Service. In this case all of the valve clearances were within tolerance & the GSXR is now road ready for another season.


On Tuesday 6th April, we welcomed Gary Ross to the mono motorcycles team member. Gary is a lifelong enthusiast, rider & builder of motorcycles. Gary joins us as having served 26 year’s in the Royal Navy, reaching the rank of Aviation Support Officer.

One of Gary’s latest projects is the stunning 2019 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Street Tracker (please follow the link to YouTube)

We hope you will all join us & extend a warm mono motorcycles welcome to Gary as he joins the mono motorcycles team.


Wednesday was a busy one & a real baptism of fire for Gary.

We welcomed a Kawasaki Z1000sx in for a service which Nathan was supported through, Gary fitted the rebuilt carbs back on the Yamaha Diversion & Daniel got back on to the Bandit exhaust.

The Suzuki Bandit came to us for a carb rebuild & replacing the exhaust. The bike had reportedly been sat for about 2-3 years.

As part of the process, we had to drain the tank entirely as the fuel was stale. However, it was the exhaust which caused the time to clock up.

Unfortunately, not only was the original exhaust rusted in place, but steel bolts had been used & as these had been put into an aluminium head; they had mostly rusted in place.

Although Daniel had tried to drill some of them out, the position of the exhaust meant it posed some challenges.

Therefore, Daniel cut the exhaust pipes off & set to task drilling out the seized bolts. The entire process of drilling & re-tapping 6 bolts in the aluminium head took 5 hours!


On Thursday James joined us again to support us through a very busy time. While Daniel & Gary worked their way through the Yamaha FZR, Suzuki Bandit & Honda CB550 carbs,  James began dismantling the BMW F800 ready for Daniel to complete a Major Service.


Friday at last but we couldn’t take our hands of the bars yet as we welcomed a Honda CB1000F for Servicing + MOT.

Gary finished off the Yamaha Diversion & we started preparing a BMWF800 for a Major Service.

Despite our customer expecting the BMW to be returned to him for the weekend, having found 2 exhaust valves to be too tight & needing to be re-shimmed; the parts were not available & would take until the middle of the next week to arrive. Once the parts were on order, the bike was secured & ready for the works to be continued the next week.


A real Manic Monday at the mono motorcycles workshop today!

Daniel began the day with a gorgeous Yamaha XJR1300 which joined us for a charging assessment. In this case, the battery has developed a fault & was replaced.

Gary began stripping the Kawasaki ZZR1400 GTR ready for Daniel to undertake a shims check & Nathan began stripping a Yamaha VMAX to send the engine casings off to powder coat & also assisted his Dad with some soldering on the XJR.

On Monday we also welcomed a glorious 2006 Carb Triumph Bonneville for a motogadget install.

The Bonneville owner purchased the bike last year & has spent the lockdown period customising her to this point.

We are now tasked with the final flourishes & to give this marvellous machine a central nervous system, before she breathes once more.

To get things underway, Daniel asked Nathan to strip the loom on the Triumph Bonneville & as you can see, it was longer than him! We only need about 6 wires out of the old loom, before we start on the new bespoke motogadet loom.

Therefore, the wiring loom at the front of the ramp is what has been removed from the original loom & the smaller cluster of wires at the rear of the ramp, is what is needed in addition to the motogadget system. Look out for our blog once the wiring has been completed.

Keep an eye on our website & social media channels for the Bonneville motogadget blog which should be out next week.


On Tuesday we welcomed a Suzuki B-King to the mono motorcycles workshop. The customer advised that he felt the immobiliser he had had fitted was malfunctioning & asked us to address this.

Having addressed the immobiliser issue, Daniel then checked the battery. Although the battery was showing 12.5v with the ignition off, as soon as the key was turned & the ignition engaged; the battery dropped to 0.065v.

This is something to consider if you have your motorcycle on trickle charge for a long period of time, without occasionally running the engine. A battery should be encouraged to have a running engine on a regular basis, to keep it in the best condition you can.

A battery can hold a charge within itself, but the moment you put it under load, it can discharge itself making a motorcycle owner think that any number of things could be wrong with their bike.

If you are uncertain how to accurately test your battery, then please do seek professional help. Furthermore, if you replace a battery, please make sure you fit the terminals correctly. We have seen several motorcycles over the past year where the batteries have been fitted incorrectly & blown vital relays & circuits, causing the motorcycles to not start.

As Daniel often says, sometimes it is the simplest thing which can cause an issue. Go with the basics first & if you don’t get anywhere, call in a professional.


On Wednesday we welcomed a very lovely Triumph Street Twin to the mono motorcycles workshop, which Nathan completed a supervised Annual Service on.

For all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.