Norton, Ducati, Triumph, Kawasaki bring variety to mono motorcycles


It’s certainly been a week of highs & lows here at the mono motorcycles workshop, proving that not everything always goes to plan.

Norton Commando 750

We have welcomed our customers beautiful 50 year old Norton Commando 750 back to the workshop. We installed an Alton Electric Starter to the Norton a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately for the third time it’s broken up the flywheel. This time rather than just fitting another flywheel we contacted our friends at EMP Tooling in Havant & asked them to skim the flywheel down by 2mm. We purchased some new magnets for the flywheel then the guys at EMP Tooling spark eroded flats to fit the magnets to before making another alloy cover to give slightly more clearance to the stator.

Having fitted the new flywheel this week, the engine turned over & started. Problem solved? It would appear not. Having tested the charge rate on the Norton, it is only charging at just over 12v under load. This leads us to believe that when the flywheel chewed itself up, it has now damaged the stator ring.

We now have to speak to our customer about how he wishes to proceed. Sadly, this is the legacy of a bike which is just shy of 50 years old.

Kawasaki GT550

Not everything goes to plan No2.

The Kawasaki Z550 engine swap has proven to sadly be another non runner.

In July of this year we installed a motogadget system into the Kawasaki. At the end of the process when we tried to start the engine, it was a non start. When we spoke to our customer, he advised that he had never actually heard the engine run before he started the customisation process.

Therefore, having had the bike with us since July, with us trying to re-book it for an engine swap; we finally received a new second hand engine (with a warranty) arrive last week (25.10.2021)

Having spent some considerable time fitting the new engine (purchased by the customer) it then would not turn over. Upon inspection & checking inside the barrels, they were found to be full of rust. Clearly the engine had not been stored correctly & is most likely seized.

Our customer instructed us to remove this second engine & the bike will now be returned to the customer for him to make decisions about his next move.

Ducati 696 Monster

We recently welcomed a Ducati Monster 696 to the workshop. The Monster had been laid up for over four years & our customer had asked us to completely recommission the bike for her. Before we could start the Ducati we had to make some considerable repairs.

When we removed the tank, it felt very light & sounded empty. (Ducati fuel tanks are plastic)

With the battery replaced, cambelts, oil/oil filter, plugs, etc replaced we added a fuel cleaner & some fresh fuel to the tank to turn the bike over.

At this point the fuel pump did not prime. Upon removing the fuel pump, we found out why (see photos)

Sadly, where the tank had been left empty, the residual ethanol had all but destroyed the fuel pump housing, badly corroding the connections & the fuel filter was black.

We usually steer away from second-hand pumps, but in this case the entire thing had to be replaced, not just the pump & to purchase from Ducati you are looking at in excess of £800! Therefore, in this case we managed to find a pre-loved one in Italy which was intact & came with a warranty.

Having fitted the new pump on Wednesday & adding some fresh fuel, the Ducati started & ran. With a road test, fresh MOT & a clean, the bike is now going for another rest over Winter, ready for the customer to enjoy in Spring 2022.

Triumph Bobber – Daniel’s project

You know when you are building something right when you spend more time looking at the bike than riding it! Daniel’s Bobber is starting to take shape, with the mudguard gone, airbox gone, mirrors swapped to under the bars, motogadget bar end indicators & 180 rear white wall tyres. Next up rear lights, a number plate bracket & we are in the process of making a bespoke exhaust system! Watch this space!

Christmas Charity Quiz

Tickets are selling fast for our Christmas Charity Quiz in aid of SERV Blood Runners. The raffle prizes are totting up too & thus far we have:

A night in a glamping pod at Back of Beyond, a voucher for The Wheelwright Arms-Havant, 2 x £50 mono motorcycle vouchers, Selections of Homemade Jams & Chutneys, gorgeous homemade Christmas Decorations, mono motorcycles apparel, plenty of boozy prizes, Cupcakes from Aimee’s Sweet Treats, mono motorcycles mugs & tea/coffee sets, fabulous Christmas Tree bath bomb set & much more!

Call Katy on 01243 576212 / 08799 654446 or pop into the mono motorcycle workshop to purchase your tickets.

We are already taking Early Bird bookings for Spring 2022 Servicing. If you know your Motorcycle Service is due next year, contact us sooner rather than later to secure your Early Bird bookings!