Physical Security/Accessories

Additional physical security options.  

1.       Always use physical security, if you use a disc lock fit it on the rear wheel not the front so it’s harder to access and bikes are harder to move with the rear wheel locked.

2.       If your insurance allows it don’t use the steering lock as they are too easy to break and increase the chances of your bike being written off from an attempted theft (This tip assumes you are using a disc lock at least!)

3.       If parking in public use a bike cover to make the bike less conspicuous.

4.       Never keep alarm remote and keys together, if you lose the keys not only can your bike be ridden away but you also make it easy for the thief to find your bike.

5.       Always program the PIN code for your alarm if you have one. Read the manual and know how to disarm by PIN in case you lose or damage the remote.

OXFORD Physical Security Options