R1, R100, XT500, Spacy 250 & 4 year anniversary at mono motorcycles


It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the mono motorcycles workshop. Here are some of the highlights from the last fortnight at mono motorcycles.

24.01.2022 – Yamaha R1

Up on the ramp Monday morning, we welcomed back the Yamaha R1 we have worked on extensively over the years. When the bike arrived, she struggled to start & wasn’t charging.

Having replaced the earth cables & then being able to check the charge rates accurately, Daniel found that the stator was at fault. Under load, the maximum output was 13.2v.

Once Daniel removed the stator casing, it was evident the stator was not functioning. Not only did the windings have a distinctive burn pattern, but it smelt a bit like burnt hair, common when stators fail. Our customer gave us the go ahead to replace the stator.

25.01.2022 – Honda Spacy 250

Is is K9 from Dr Who? No, its a Honda Spacy 250 Moped. The Honda Elite, as ridden by Sara Conner in Terminator, was sold from 1985 – 1990 in the USA. The Elite was sold overseas as the Spacy 250 & the Freeway in various countries.

The Honda Spacy 250 joined us to investigate the bike popping on the overrun. Upon investigation, Daniel discovered that the carb intake was very loose.

He stripped the carbs ready for ultrasonic cleaning & also found that the idle air jet was blocked.

After the carbs were ultrasonically cleaned & the jets blown out, they were refitted & new seals fitted. Once the bike was back together, Daniel ran it up until hot on the ramp & checked for air leaks. Non were found. After a successful road test, the Spacy was ready to go home.

27.01.2022 – Stasis

Stasis. It’s one of those things which is all part of repairing motorcycles. Some bikes are stripped waiting for parts to be returned, others are nearly completed, but still look unkempt.

28.01.2022 – Yamaha XT500 & BMW K1300R

Up on the ramp this morning we welcomed a BMWK1300R for servicing & Yamaha XT500 for 12v conversion. Both bikes arrived with additional issues than they were booked in for.

The BMW having not been started for quite some time, had a very small oil leak from oil filter seal, possibly caused by a stone or road debris. Once the leak was identified, the BMW needed a new battery as it failed the battery test & it then had an annual service.

The Yamaha XT500 which joined us for a 12v conversion, had a broken kick start upon arrival (& broken our customer’s foot!) & therefore we couldn’t start the bike, so Daniel has a base line for the conversion.  We therefore had to order a kick start repair kit which put the job behind.

Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit customisation

The Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit customisation is finished & the entire project has been captured in our blog:  ‘Dirty Bandit!’ From road bike to cool street custom. This is the story behind the full customisation of a Suzuki GSF1200 MKII Bandit.


31.01.2022 – Yamaha R1

One of the jobs back up on the ramp this morning was the Yamaha R1. Having already replaced the stator last week as the bike was not charging, the R1 (which was already labouring to start) was in need of a starter motor.

The starter motor which we removed today was from the R1’s first engine (now on it’s second engine) When we removed the starter motor this morning it definitely showed signs of extreme ageing & smelt burnt. We fitted a SH unit from a breakers in agreement with our customer.

01.02.2022 – mono motorcycles 4th year workshop anniversary

4 years ago today we got the keys for the Mono Motorcycles workshop at New Barn Offices, Funtington, Chichester. From a completely empty shell, we have, with the help & support of family & friends; transformed the space.

Mono Motorcycles is now the leading expert motogadget & wiring specialist in the UK, as well as being the premier motorcycle service & repair centre on the South Coast.

We would like to say an enormous Thank You to everyone who has & continues to support us. Follow our continuing journey on Facebook, Instagram & catch up with our weekly blogs on our website.

02.02.2022 – BMW R100 motogadget custom wiring

Our latest motogadget transformation, was for a BMW R100 Custom CafeRacer. The BMW has been dry built & is still in need of a paint job & some finishing.

However, Daniel spent 18 hours this week ensuring the BMW now has a future proofed wiring system, which has a clean & minimalistic in look in keeping with the Café Racer ideal. There will be a separate blog about the processes involved in this motogadget transformation next week.

03.02.2022 – Yamaha XT500 12v conversion

Having received the kick start kit, Daniel was able to commence the 12v conversion for the Yamaha XT500. Our customer had sourced a beautiful Rex’s Speed Shop 12v conversion kit for the Yamaha XT500 which included all of the parts necessary to convert the entire bike to a 12v charging system. This should make the bike more reliable, but there are no guarantees that it can solve the kickback from the kickstart (which has broken our customers leg!)

mono motorcycles Custom Bike Show 2022!

Entries to our Custom Bike Show are coming in thick & fast. If you want to enter your bike or you would like a trade stand, please do email us directly monomotorcycles@gmail.com or info@monomtorocycles.co.uk


mono motorcycles Open Morning, 12th Feb, 9.30-12.30

Our next Open Morning to enable people to come & discuss their motorcycle wiring, Service/Repair & Security needs is Saturday 12th February 9.30am – 12.30pm. Tea, Coffee & Cake will be on sale.

As always for all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.