South East Biker Magazine feature & a busy week at mono motorcycles


The big news this week is that mono motorcycles are in print!

Those wonderful people at South East Biker Magazine have created a fantastic feature on our business, with a focus on our motorcycle wiring specialism. Check it out & let us know what you think!

Up on the ramp on Monday we welcomed a Honda Fireblade which was in the process of being customised as a ‘Streetfighter’

Our customer had completed most of the modifications & we began looking at shortening the loom for the headlights & adding in wiring for new indicators, shortening the battery live cable & undertaking an oil change.
Our customer had not only tagged up the wiring already, but he had also supplied us with a second loom, to enable Daniel to create a hybrid between the two.

Tues was a very busy day for us at the mono motorcycles workshop.

The Honda Fireblade wiring was completed on Tuesday morning. Our customer had asked us to undertake an oil & filter change before the Blade went home.

As Daniel let the oil out, the sump bung came out too. The thread had been cross threaded. Therefore the blade will now have to have a helicoil fitted.

The Z50 trike which we welcomed to assess the indicators not working, seemed to work when the bike first came into the mono motorcycles workshop.

Daniel spent time cleaning up connectors, took the trike for a test ride & the indicators stopped working. Daniel felt there was most likely a break in the wiring loom causing an intermittent fault. Upon inspection he found a break in a wire in the loom under the tank. This has been reconnected, cleaned & re-sleeved & all seems well.

The Yamaha FZ6 joined us as the customer noticed an engine management light had started to come on at 2500/3000 revs. Another establishment had checked & found a fault code, but the customer was not advised if this had been cleared.

Daniel found the fault code was still evident, so he cleared it. Having test ridden the Fazar for 40 minutes, no engine management light came on. Daniel took the Fazer for another 35 minute test ride on Thursday & the engine management light did not come on again. We have advised our customer to monitor the situation once he has taken receipt of the Fazer as both times we have reconstructed the scenario our customer told us about; the engine management light still didn’t come on.

We also welcomed one of our great supporters Ducati Diavel to the mono motorcycles workshop on Tuesday. The Diavel joined us for a brake overhaul & to check a water pump leak.

On Wednesday it was another busy day catching up & hiding out the way of the rain!
The Ducati Diavel finished having the brakes overhauled & Daniel made up new power & earth cables.

One of the jobs on the Ducati Diavel was to investigate its slow cranking. One of the things we do to help with this is to make new starter & earth cables. On removing the battery I found the earth wire wrapped up in a coil and long enough to reach the rear light!
Reducing the cable to the correct length will help with voltage drop, the old wire coil will just add to heat build up slowing crank time.

The Honda XL wiring was finished & the what was 6v Honda, has now been converted to 12v.

Nathan joined us this week & was sorting tool boxes, clearing up & painting.

On Friday Daniel set about completing the Honda CM125 custom which joined us during lockdown.

We have been working steadily on the project 1 day a month, to help our customer spread the costs of the rebuild. Once the electrics are completed, the CM125 can return to it’s owner for final finishing.

The Suzuki VN800 Custom Bobber went home on Friday. The bobber joined us in May this year for a motogadget install. However, upon arrival there were some more fabrication & minor modifications to be completed.

Once the modifications were completed & the wiring finished, it was discovered that the fuel pump had failed. Then the carbs leaked & now there appears to be a leak from the water pump. The VN800 has returned to her owner for more finishing & then will most likely rejoin us for carb set up.

We posted the following ‘Polite reminder’ on our social Media streams the other day & would like to include it here too.

Booking deposit’s are required on all bookings. These are adjusted at invoicing.
Bookings are not secure if a booking deposit is not received & no parts will be ordered until the booking deposit is cleared.
If we do not hear from a customer within 48 hours of initial contact to confirm a booking, we will attempt a second contact.
If a customer is unresponsive to email, text or telephone message; we will assume a booking is no longer required & the booking will be removed from the diary.
Thank you for all your continued support.

As always for all your motorcycling needs, do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.