Strength in numbers. mono motorcycles working relationship with DJK Motorcycles.


mono motorcycles pride themselves on having created some considerable industry connections over the past four & a half years.

Having developed superb B2B relationships with main brand dealer’s such as BMW, Ducati, Suzuki & Triumph; mono motorcycles has not only been able to offer some of these main dealers their expertise & support, but mono motorcycles have also benefitted from their knowledge & know-how; allowing mono motorcycles to strengthen their portfolio.

It is not only motorcycle main dealer’s mono motorcycles have aligned themselves with. mono motorcycles have over the years forged excellent relationships with The Wheel Specialist, DATATOOL, BikeTrac, HealTech, motogadget, BG Products, Larsson UK, Fowlers, Anitgravity Batteries, Moore Speed Racing & Motone Customs to name but a few.

Furthermore, mono motorcycles outstanding relationships with their independent contacts continues to give mono motorcycles a wealth of products & services to be able to offer their growing customer base. S Jago Designs, Tony Velo (custom wheel builder), BM Fabrications, Trimspeed, J.A.A Custom Paint are to name but a few.

It is this ability to surround themselves with an ever expanding group of connections in the motorcycle industry, which lead to the connection between DJK Motorcycles Ltd & mono motorcycles.

Daniel Morris – Proprietor of mono motorcycles,  has known Danny Kinally – Director & Proprietor of DJK Motorcycles – for many years, both as a customer & a contact in his previous roles as Senior Sales Manager at BMW Bahnstomer, Triumph Guildford & Triumph Solent.

Danny Kinally is a passionate biker & has been riding for many many years. He enjoys the sociable aspect of biking & also the solitude it can give you in equal measure & is never happier than when he is out on the road.

Danny Kinally’s journey into motorcycle sales began at Cadwell Race Track while Danny was enjoying a track day.  Having met a man who worked for Frank Thomas, Danny subsequently got his first motorcycle sales position in 1998 & in Danny’s words “I’ve never looked back since”

In 2006 Danny began working for BMW Bahnstormer as their Senior Sales Manager & as his career path progressed, he then moved onto Sales at Triumph Guildford & then Triumph Solent.

Despite Danny being passionate about the brands he sold & ever the keen salesman, Danny began to realise that he wanted more control over his time & his products & he began the process of contemplating going out on his own.

Once mono motorcycles were aware that Danny was seeking to set up as an independent motorcycle sales establishment, mono motorcycles asked their landlord at New Barn Offices if any of the unit’s came up, could they be notified immediately. As luck would have it in early 2021, such a business unit became available & DJK Motorcycles was born.

It had already been discussed prior to DJK Motorcycles moving into Row C, New Barn that mono motorcycles could offer to assist with the servicing & pre-sales preparation of any of the DJK Motorcycles sales stock & as DJK Motorcycles took shape, so too did the working relationship between DJK Motorcycles & mono motorcycles.

Despite the DJK Motorcycles original address being a few doors away, again luck played it’s card later in 2021 when the business directly adjacent to mono motorcycles grew out of the space & moved on.

As soon as the unit was available, DJK Motorcycles moved in directly next door to mono motorcycles, further strengthening the possibilities for both businesses.

With Spring on the horizon, DJK Motorcycles is already extremely busy with motorcycle sales, having been consistent throughout the winter. In turn, mono motorcycles continue to offer expert service & pre-sales care for all of Danny Kinally’s sales stock (in addition to their own customers work) further strengthening the working relationship between DJK Motorcycles & mono motorcycles.

As DJK Motorcycles have got busier, Daniel Morris’ son Nathan (under the watchful eyes of Dad) has taken up the role of servicing & repairing the majority of the DJK Motorcycles sales stock.

Daniel Morris – Proprietor of mono motorcycles said “Having DJK Motorcycles next door allows both our independent businesses to prosper, as both companies ultimately complement each other.  Developing the working relationship with Danny Kinally & DJK Motorcycles is a positive & mutually productive alliance for both businesses”

If you are seeking a quality used motorcycle, then please do contact Danny Kinally at DJK Motorcycles via his website

For all your motorcycle service, repair, motorcycle wiring, motogadget & motorcycle security needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.