Sunday 12th June 2022, mono motorcycles host their very first Custom & Classic Bike Show

On Sunday 12th June 2022, mono motorcycles will host their very first Custom & Classic Bike Show.

Nine months of planning, preparation, sourcing bike entrants, booking trade stands, gaining sponsorship from Dunlop Tyres, booking caterers – the full works!

Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect at the show.

The Pallant Centre Hall will feature a wide range of motorcycles, from full custom machines through to modern classics, from incredible paintwork to café racer’s & so much more.

Quite a few of the bikes which will feature at the bike show have been worked on by mono motorcycles, which is an excellent way to tie the whole day together.

Here are a few examples of the bikes we have helped with custom motogadget & fabrication work over the years.

Honda CB750

We first met Olly in early 2020 when he approached us to assist with his custom project. He had the entire Honda CB750 & was seeking assistance with the fabrication & adapting the frame. He was also very keen to have a motogadget system installed, to not only future proof the Honda, but aid with the minimalistic style he was aiming for.

To find out more about how mono motorcycles helped with the Café Racer transformation, please do follow the link below.

Yamaha XS650

The Yamaha XS750 Triple was already running a motogadget m.lock keyless ignition when it arrived in the mono motorcycles workshop. Our customer knew how good the motogadget products were & fed up with the bike breaking down with silly electrical faults; sought us out before “it ended up in a pond” His words, not ours!

One thing we focused on for this motogadget install, was making the wiring looms a little more like the wiring looms you would expect to see on a production motorcycle, although a lot less cluttered & as hidden as possible.

To find out more about how mono motorcycles helped with the XS650 transformation, please do follow the link below.

Yamaha XJ900 Café Racer

In 2018, mono motorcycles were contacted by a man with a Yamaha XJ900 Café Racer who was seeking someone to re-wire & upgrade his motorcycle. The XJ900 was the first motogagdet installation mono motorcycles had undertaken & has now allowed us to become one of the UK’s foremost experts in custom bike wiring & motogadget installations.

To find out more about how mono motorcycles helped with the Café Racer transformation, please do follow the link below.

As an independent business we pride ourselves in creating great business relationships & celebrating local business.

Therefore, we are so pleased that The Wheel Specialist – Fareham, Muc-Off, Beaky Blinders Bakery, EMP Tooling, DJK Motorcycles & Cogz & Gearz are all exhibiting at the mono motorcycles Custom & Classic Bike Show.

For those who attend our regular Sunday Breakfast clubs, you would have noticed that DJK Motorcycles is located right next door. Here is little about how we know & support Danny Kinally.

DJK Motorcycles

Danny Kinally’s journey into motorcycle sales began at Cadwell Race Track while Danny was enjoying a track day.  Having met a man who worked for Frank Thomas, Danny subsequently got his first motorcycle sales position in 1998 & in Danny’s words “I’ve never looked back since”

In 2006 Danny began working for BMW Bahnstormer as their Senior Sales Manager & as his career path progressed, he then moved onto Sales at Triumph Guildford & then Triumph Solent.

Despite Danny being passionate about the brands he sold & ever the keen salesman, Danny began to realise that he wanted more control over his time & his products & he began the process of contemplating going out on his own.

To find out more about how mono motorcycles & DJK Motorcycles work with each other, please do follow the link below.

JAA Custom Paint

We have worked with Jamie from JAA Custom Paint for years now & he has produced some incredible artwork for some of our customers.

Jamie will be joining us on Sunday 12th June to showcase his incredible artwork & demonstrate some of the techniques he uses in his fantastic creations.

Two of the most incredible & very personal projects Jamie has undertaken were for the Angel Bike & the Military Tribute.

Follow the links below to find out more.


SERV Wessex, Blood Bikers

As many of you know, we have been supporting SERV Wessex Blood Bikers as our main charity from the very start & are pleased to have been able to raise a good couple of thousand pounds for them over the years. We are very pleased that the SERV volunteers will be joining us this year with their new promotional display.

MAG Portsmouth

For any biker the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) are like the guardian angels for the biking community. Constantly keeping us all abreast of the latest legislation, acting on our behalf at local & central Government level; these tireless campaigners help keep us bikers on the road. MAG Portsmouth will be joining us on Sunday 12th June to spread the word about the incredible work they do.

We are so excited about the show & really look forward to welcoming people from far & wide. Entry is only £3.00 on the day.

Tell your friends, family & help us spread the word for the mono motorcycles first Custom & Classic Bike show.

See you soon, all the best Daniel & Katy