The Wiring Whisperer. Daniel Morris – the UK’s premier motorcycle wiring & electrical expert.


Having started mono motorcycles in 2017, Daniel Morris has come a long way from working in a single garage in Havant.

Since moving into the spacious workshop in Funtington, Chichester, mono motorcycles has evolved into the premier Motorcycle Service & Repair establishment in Sussex.

However, what sets mono motorcycles apart from other motorcycle businesses is Daniels’s expertise in motorcycle wiring & electrical fault finding.

“I started to ride motorcycles when I was 6 years old when I was part of The Wasps Motorcycle Display Team. When I got my first bike, a Yamaha TY80, my Dad made sure that I knew how it worked & taught me how to repair it.

From this very tender age I began fixing & repairing motorcycles. As I grew, I began fixing my friends bikes too & my skills & understanding just grew & grew.

Following a mechanic apprenticeship at 16, I worked in several garages & dealerships, moving my way up to team management & supervisory roles.

Despite working on cars as a seasoned mechanic, I continued to own a wide variety of motorcycles & repaired them or modified them throughout the years.

With 20 years’ experience in the motor trade to my name, in 2007 I joined the AA as a roadside patrol. After 2 years on the road, the AA advertised for Technical Support Personal. I applied & was accepted to the role.

There were only 6 of us TSP’s in the whole of the UK & our role was to offer technical support to roadside patrols. This is where my knowledge & understanding of wring & electrical fault diagnosis really came into it’s own.

For the next 8 years I spent hours reading & translating wiring diagrams for the inner electrical workings of thousands of cars, vans, trucks & motorcycles; diagnosing electrical faults by remote for roadside patrols, enabling motorists to continue their journeys.

The AA sent us on numerous training courses over the years, further aiding my expertise in the wiring & electrical fault diagnosis field.

With the introduction of electric vehicles to the UK roads, I was one of only a handful of AA Technical Support Personnel in the UK who were sent to the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) for Electric Vehicle Safe Working & Hazard Management training. This meant that if an electric vehicle broke down, had a light bulb out or a flat tyre; I could be sent anywhere on the South Coast to assist, as the roadside patrols did not at this time have the relevant safety training.

While I worked for the AA, I continued to repair mine & my friends’ motorcycles, getting a name for someone who could diagnose electrical faults & make wiring repairs.

When I finally left the AA in 2017 & mono motorcycles was born, the first major product we were involved in was supplying & fitting DATATOOL motorcycle trackers & alarms. Needing a sound understanding of motorcycle electrics, mono motorcycles soon became the go to place for motorcycle security, for the removal of faulty alarms & replacement trackers.

Since these humble beginnings, the evolution of my motorcycle wiring & electrical fault diagnosis expertise has developed vastly over the past 5 years.

When I moved mono motorcycles into our spacious workshop in Funtingon, Chichester, it enabled me to start to develop the motorcycle wiring & electrical fault portfolio.

It was a conversation with a very good customer in late 2018 which introduced me to the world of motogagdet & the rest as they say, is history.

Derek’s Yamaha XJ900 had been fully customized, but sadly due to the closure of the custom house, the wiring was never updated. Derek having familiarized himself with the motogadget capabilities, approached me to undertake the work.

First, an assessment of the Yamaha XJ900 was undertaken along with lengthy conversations with our customer on what he wanted in regard to switches, wiring & other modifications.

Secondly, we checked that the XJ900 ran & charged correctly, in case any parts needed replacing. We noted that we would need to replace the throttle housing, as the original incorporated the Yamaha switch gear that we were swapping in favour of the ‘motogadget’ items.

We then had to study the wiring diagrams & draw up a sketch of the loom & wiring colours that we would need. As always the drawing would grow & change slightly as we installed the ‘motogadget’ m.unit blue on to the Yamaha XJ900.

The transformation was incredible. Meters & meters of excessive wiring were removed & a clean, minimalistic & future proofed system was meticulously woven through the XJ, creating a new wiring loom & bringing the XJ into the new age.

From that first motogadget install we have now been working on customisations & bespoke motogadget wiring systems for 3 years. As the motogadget wiring portfolio has grown, so to has my ability to create bespoke motorcycle wiring diagrams for each bike I have worked on. As the motogadget system creates an entirely new wiring loom, the customer needs a reference for future work.

I have now taken the bespoke wiring diagram drawing part of the motogadget wiring & made it a stand alone product. I have thus far drawn bespoke wiring diagrams for dozens of UK custom bike builders & my bespoke wiring diagrams have also been sent as far afield as Brazil, France & the USA.

Katy calls me ‘The Wiring Whisperer’ & the title seems to be getting out. It has been said that when I am diagnosing an electrical fault, or I am rewiring an entire bike, it is like I am conversing with the bike, communicating with it.

I can lose myself for hours when I am creating a motogadget wiring system, giving life to machines whose wiring has either failed or is too old to cope with modern modifications.

Equally, when I am diagnosing an electrical fault, I can zone out, immersed in understanding what ails the motorcycle & how I can help restore it back to health.

Now in our fifth year of trading, mono motorcycles are becoming known as the UK’s premier motorcycle wiring & electrical fault experts. We have motorcycles from all over the UK lovingly transported by their dedicated owners to join us here at mono motorcycles for full motogadget wiring systems or electrical fault diagnosis.

If you are in need of The Wiring Whisperer’s assistance, are interested in motogadget wiring, bespoke wiring diagrams, bespoke wiring diagrams & full motogadget kits or have an electrical fault you need help diagnosing; then please do give me a call on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or send me an email E: to discuss your needs”

Daniel Morris – Proprietor of mono motorcycles & the UK’s premier motorcycle wiring & electrical fault expert.