Trike motogadget m.unit re-wire, R1200RT & GSX-R1100K Magazine Feature


As we welcome our third Trike in as many weeks to the workshop, it’s been a week of extremes at the mono motorcycles workshop.

Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo

The parts have arrived for the GPZ & therefore Daniel & Nathan began rebuilding the head on the Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo. Piston rings & new base gasket in place, the rest of the GPZ can now come back together.

VW Trike Re-wire

So, we began work on our third trike in a row this week. This one is powered by a VW Beetle engine. We had this trike in last year & after taking a look over it we advised the customer to have a full rewire before it burst into flames. The trike has returned for a full rewire.

We made the decision to install a motogadget m.unit basic , rather than try & repair the damaged wires. Sometimes it is genuinely easier & more cost effective to remove an old wiring loom & start again. These are the processes Daniel undertook on the trike to rewire & make it safe.

Note: The format below is taken from the customer invoice. We always ensure every detail is recorded for our customers.

Day 1

1/ Stripped all old wire out of trike.

2/ Removed box from above gear box.

3/ Cleaned box & mounted m.unit & relays inside box.

4/ Removed dash box, cleaned & made new earths.

5/ Refitted panel to trike.

6/ Made new starter & earth leads.

Day 2

1/ Made new leads for switch gear.

2/ Mounted new switch panel.

3/ Ran cables to rear of trike.

4/ Replaced cables to marker lights.

5/ Replaced cables to engine.

6/ Marked all wires with label printer for ease of identification in future.

7/ Started joining wires front to rear.

Day 3

1/ Connected all wires to m.unit, engine bay, marker lights, headlight, indicators.

2/ Made new connection for horn.

3/ Made diode loom for hazard lights.

4/ Fitted fog light & wire.

5/ Tested. Found a short in one of the rear lights, caused by water ingress.

6/ Cleaned & replaced bulbs.

7/ Refitted. Tested all OK.

8/ Mounted dash.

9/ Checked all working OK.

10/ Tried to start trike. No fuel getting into carb. We did get the trike to start by getting some fuel directly into the carb. Our customer has been advised of this.


So, what do you do if you’ve had your beloved BMW R1200RT booked in for months with mono motorcycles, but the Covid19 Lockdown says you should only travel if your journey is necessary? Oh, & you live in Hinkley, Leicestershire? Well, you employ John King (email who runs a courier company to transport your beloved R1200RT to the South Coast, that’s what!

Our dear customer was recommended to us by one of our Hayling Island friends & simply could not find anyone local to him to undertake the type of work he wanted doing. The R1200RT has seen some miles & the paintwork in places was beginning to show signs of ageing.

Therefore, rather than move the RT along, her dedicated owner has decided to give her a bit of a make-over. Therefore, with help from the ever fabulous Jamie Gladman of JAA Custom Paint & our good friend Ollie from The Wheel Specialist, Fareham we have been entrusted to ‘spruce up the RT’

First things first though, she needed to be stripped down. If anyone has ever stripped a BMW, you will know that they over-use bolts & screws wherever they can. Part of the make-over was to get the differential powder coated. However , in the process of stripping the lovely RT down, it was found that the rear hub was seized & a lot of the bolts in the frame & panels sheared off due to corrosion.

The rear hub took some heat & applied force to remove & where the bolts had sheared, they were drilled out ready for fresh ones to replace them. This RT has certainly enjoyed being ridden & being ridden in all terrains, seasons & all weathers. She is clearly loved & once she goes back together with fresh painted parts, new tyres & new rear brake pads; she can enjoy the open road once again.

Suzuki GSX-R1100K

mono motorcycles got a mention in Practical Sportbikes in the March edition of the popular magazine. Our wonderful customer Dave Wimberley’s immaculate Suzuki GSX-R1100K which we worked on in October 2020, not only features on the front cover & has a 5 page spread inside; but Dave has also acknowledged the work we did in the article & Practical Sportbikes have given us a listing at the end of the article.

Huge thanks to Dave for the recognition & what privilege to have been able to work on such a stunning motorcycle

Here’s the original write up from the mono motorcycles blog 16.10.2020

Up on the ramp on Monday afternoon we welcomed another Suzuki GSXR. The GSXR 1100 Slingshot having been test ridden by Daniel upon arrival, had been identified as running rough idle.

On Tuesday having stripped the carbs from the Suzuki GSXR 1100 Slingshot yesterday & in doing so found one of the vacuum hoses had been poorly repaired & was leaking; Daniel then stripped, cleaned & ultrasonically cleaned the carbs.

Daniel re-built the GSXR carbs & spent some time balancing them. Once out on a test ride Daniel reflected that the GSXR rode in a “linear” fashion & that the ‘rough idle’ had been solved.

We have decided to run a free online quiz for everyone. Our first Ultimate Biker Quiz! will be on Thursday 4th March from 7.00pm. No Googling, it’s just for fun!

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