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The sun is finally shining, and the mono motorcycles diary is packed. We have a new pair of part-time hands supporting us in the workshop and very soon Oaklie will be with us full time.

Here is a snapshot of some of the work we have completed this past fortnight.

Week commencing 20th May 24.

Thank you to everyone who attended our May 2024 Breakfast Club. Enormous thanks to the Cattle Box Kitchen crew for another outstanding breakfast, everyone loved the food. We look forward to welcoming everyone to our June breakfast club on Sunday 23rd June 2024.

It was a week dominated by Triumphs this week.

Triumph Bonneville T100 (Yellow)

The T100 joined us for a Major Service. Unfortunately, all of the shims needed replacing on this one, which is quite rare. However, it was good we found this now as the bike is being ridden to Scotland and back in the next couple of weeks.

Triumph Street Triple 765

The 765 also joined us for Major Servicing. This one had all valve clearances in check, but we found the back tyre was worn beyond the legal limit and the battery had failed. Once we had contacted our customer and had the additional parts authorised, we completed the work for him.

We also softened off his rear suspension as it had been set in track mode and was very stiff. Now it is set to road mode and rides much smoother.

Triumph Bonneville T100 (Red)

The second T100 of the week also joined us for Major Servicing. The red T100 also arrived with a running fault whereby the bike had suddenly started back firing on startup when cold and felt fuel heavy to the owner.

Upon investigation several things were at play to cause the running fault. First we found scraps of paint in the carb bodies when we got them apart. Once we had cleaned and refitted the bike still didn’t run properly.

We then removed the carbs again and found residual water in the carb bodies. This lead us to drain some of the fuel and we found a considerable amount of water in the tank. This would have come from filling the tank at a filling station. When we ran the T100 off the remote tank, the bike ran better.

Therefore, we had to drain the tank entirely and leave to dry fully over a weekend. We then replenished with fuel and rode tested again.

Despite the water having been removed, there was clearly still some residual. We therefore added a product called ‘Dry Fuel’ which helps evaporate water from fuel.

This seems to have cleared the fault, but the bike will need another does of the ‘Dry Fuel on the next fill up just to assist with supporting fuel freshness.

Triumph Tiger 850 Sport

The Tiger joined us for Annual Servicing and service light reset. Unfortunately, on the ride to the mono motorcycles workshop the customer picked up a nail in his front tyre. We therefore replaced this for him too.

Honda CBR600F

The Honda CBR joined us with a perpetual battery drain. When we recharged the battery and tested it, it had failed.

Once we received authorisation from the customer to purchase a more robust battery and fitted it, the bike started.

However, under testing and with the normal lights on, the bike was charging. Once the main beam was put on, the charge rate dropped.

The next phase of the investigation was therefore to test the stator.

Having tested the stator Daniel discovered the following output phases:

Phase 1 1.6v A/C

Phase 2 13.2v A/C

Phase 3 33.6V A/C

This therefore pointed towards the fact that there is not enough output from the stator and it needed replacing.

Having looked for a genuine stator and advised the customer this could be on a 10-15 lead time from Japan, the customer chose to go with a pattern part which was in stock in the UK.

With the new stator fitted the charge rates regulated themselves.

Aprilia Tuono RSV

The Aprilia arrived as a non-start.  The RSV would crank but not fire.

Having been able to plug the bike into TEXA we found that it was blowing the main fuse to the injectors and fan.

Upon investigation it was found that part of the wiring loom had been caught under the tank and was shorting out against the frame.

Daniel repaired the loom and the replaced the fuse and the bike started up.

Ducati 696 Monster

We welcomed back a Ducati Monster 696 which we recommissioned in 2021 and unfortunately it had been dry stored ever since. Therefore, we completed a service and check over. Unfortunately, where the bike had been inactive for so long, the fork seals have now gone and it needed a new battery. We have had to wait for the parts from Ducati as they were out of stock and this will be completed wc 10.06.2024.

Week commencing 3rd June 24.

Ducati Multistrada 850

On Monday we welcomed a Ducati Multistrada 850 for an annual service, fitting of front/rear cameras, SAT Nav screen and an engine cover.

BMW R nineT Custom

Oaklie sorted a service and replaced the battery (which is buried on the nineT) and adjusted the throttle settings.

Honda VFR 1200

We welcomed a VFR1200 to the workshop which has been out of commission for a couple of years. We completed a full service and check over. During the testing process we found that the battery was not in great shape. We recharged it but ultimately it failed the battery test.

Furthermore, during the service it was noted that the OS fork seal had started to mist. During the road test the fork seal then started to leak. An unfortunate by-product of a bike sitting for a long time and then becoming active.

The customer has authorised the new battery and fork seals. These will be completed wc 10.06.24.

Diagnostic Wednesday

Triumph Street Triple 675

We welcomed a stunning Cosmic Green Triumph Street Triple 675 for an ABS and engine management light fault. Daniel used TEXA to isolate the ABS fault and tested the resistance in the rear ABS sensor. He found that there was no resistance in the rear ABS sensor indicating that it was failing. The customer authorised the purchase of a new one and once fitted, the ABS light then went out.

Yamaha R1.

Our customer had a fault whereby intermittently the bike would not start after a longer ride and or when the engine had got hot.

The kill switch on the bike has been pushed in at some point and the customer thought it may have some bearing on the starting fault. However, under investigation Daniel isolated the starter relay on the R1 as it showed signs of corrosion in the plug and the relay itself.

The customer authorised the purchase of a new relay and once fitted the bike was tested several times and it started. Daniel took the switchgear apart and found all of the connections inside were fine. The red kill button itself looks a bit skewwhiff because someone has been heavy handed and pushed the button in too hard, bending the bracket behind it.

This is only a snapshot of the enormous body of work we get through here every week. Daniel and Katy regularly are working into the evenings to allow time for catching up and very natural part of running a successful small business.

Katy took some time to reflect this week and these are her thoughts.

“Sometimes when I’m a bit frazzled I take a moment to reflect on how far Daniel and I have come since our very humble beginnings back in 2017. After outgrowing our single garage at home, we moved into New Barn Offices in February 2018. When we started mono motorcycles we had one ramp and Daniel’s lifetime accumulated tools. We had no savings and no investment, just our belief and the support of family that we were doing the right thing.

Seven years down the line and a lot of hard work, we have an established and repeat customer base, we have motorcycles couriered to us from all over the UK, we have expanded into a second unit, are an approved service centre for CCM Motorcycles and are on the cusp of opening an MOT testing centre.

I am immensely proud of what Daniel and I have achieved and am eternally grateful to everyone who has supported us along the way and believes in the work we do here at mono motorcycles. “


Our next Breakfast Club is Sunday 23rd June.

Join us on Sunday 23rd June for another great Breakfast Club.


Helmet City Open Day Saturday 27th July 2024.

Date for your diary. Helmet City, Chichester are having an Open Day on Saturday 27th July 24 and we will be there amongst a large group of named brands showcasing products and services. Air Ambulance and BikerDown will also be there. Please share and tell all your friends.

For all your motorcycle service and repair needs, contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email us at

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