Triumph Speed Triple R Jack Lilley Special regeneration by mono motorcycles


Over the past few months we have had a very established resident at the mono motorcycles workshop. The Triumph Speed Triple R Jack Lilley Special has been with us since 4th January 2022 & has only just gone home!

The model we have had in the workshop was an original Jack Lilley Triumph Speed Triple R Special. The bike was created to be displayed on the Triumph stand at the NEC & was featured by British Eurosport during their NEC show report.

The bike has since had a couple of owners before it’s current owner tracked it down & purchased it a little over a year ago. The Speed Triple has undergone some considerable changes since she arrived in January 2022, but not necessarily that obvious.

With this in mind we have taken the decision to share the itemized list from the invoice we have presented to our customer, to show just how much work has gone into this form of regeneration.

We need to point out that this is a 2014 motorcycle, no running issues & nothing broken. It has not been sat for years, it is not a barn find, it does not have carbs & it is not a 1950’s classic.

However, due to various hold ups with parts, parts not being processed correctly by outside sources, parts being held up by transport & import issues (the list goes on); the bike has still been with us for just over 3 months & the following list itemizes the processes the bike has been through since her arrival.

Make: Triumph

Model: Speed Triple JL Special

Strip down in advance of parts being sent for cerakoting/anodising,etc

1/ Removed rear sets to fit abba stand to enable front end removal.

2/ Removed fuel tank, seat, side panels, belly pan & carbon frame guards.

3/ Removed front brakes, handlebars, top yoke, front mudguards & sides.

4/ Removed fork legs, drilled pout sheared bolts in top yoke to remove ignition switch.

5/ Removed airbox, drained radiator & engine oil.

6/ Removed radiator, oil cooler & hose.

7/ Removed seals, spacers & washers.

8/ Removed old radiator guards.

9/ Removed exhaust system, cleaned & boxed.

10/ Removed ABS ring front front wheel.

11/ Cleaned all parts which needed paint/anodising/cerakoting.

12/ Stripped fork legs completely, degreased.

13/ Stripped & removed rear sets, rear master cylinder.

14/ Removed side stand, cleaned, degreased.

15/ Drained fuel tank, removed pump, cap & fixings. Took fuel tank to painters for paint repairs.

16/ Boxed up parts for cerakoting.

17/ Painted horn.

18/ Cleaned engine block & sump while apart.

19/ Inspected cerakoting/anodising parts on completion. Fork tubes & exhaust not up to standard. With customer permission ordered replacement fork tubes & sent exhaust to different cerakoter for correct coverage.

20/ Upon arrival of new fork tubes, rebuilt forks with new seals & correct Ohlins fork oil.

21/ Cleaned & painted radiator & oil cooler.

22/ Fitted ignition barrel to top yoke.

23/ Replaced headstock bearings & fitted bottom yoke. Fitted top yoke.

24/ Fitted forks & loosely fitted front light brackets & handlebars.

25/ Refitted front wheel so bike could be moved.

26/ Ordered front brake line from HEL Performance.

27/ Fitted ABS ring to front wheel.

28/ Carried out valve clearance check. All within spec.

29/ Fitted new spark plugs.

30/ Fitted new rocker cover gasket, refitted coils, throttle bodies, replaced air filter & refitted air box.

31/ Fitted front mudguard.

32/ Fitted replacement brake hose. Fitted front brake calipers as supplied by HEL Performance.

33/ Union on HEL brake line incorrect. Had to source additional union to rectify.

34/ Fitted brake lines to calipers. Bled system.

35/ Exhaust back from cerakote.

36/ Fitted exhaust system with new gaskets & cleaned springs.

37/ Rebuilt radiator, fitted fan, fitted new radiator guards, fitted oil cooler pipes with new seals.

38/ Refitted oil cooler & guard.

39/ Refilled bike with oil & cleaned hoses & refitted.

40/ Removed rear wheel, stripped & cleaned/greased rear hub. Removed rear shock& linkage. Cleaned & re-greased bearings.

41/ Refitted linkage & shock.

42/ Cleaned & adjusted chain.

43/ Stripped rear caliper. Tried to fit HEL rear caliper. Would not fit.

44/ Cleaned rear caliper, refitted to bike. Unable to bleed at this point as rear sets not fitted.

45/ Fitted rear wheel.

46/ Fitted new front headlight, fitted switchgear & throttle cables.

47/ Greased & refitted clutch cable.

48/ Re-routed switch gear wiring.

49/ Tidied loom at front of bike before fitting into headlight.

50/ Fitted new Triumph mirrors, clock bracket & headlight brackets.

51/ Refitted fuel pump, fuel sender & fuel cap back into fuel tank. Added fuel to check for leaks. All OK.

52/ Fitted tank to bike.

53/ Filled with coolant.

54/ Started bike & ran for 15 minutes on ramp.

55/ Left to cool overnight.

56/ Next day – adjusted levels & carried out adaption reset.

57/ Tightened exhaust,

58/ Removed abba stand from frame brackets.

59/ Rebuilt rear sets & fitted to the bike.

60/ Refitted painted rear master cylinder.

61/ Ultrasonically cleaned bolts for engine & stand.

62/ Refitted side stand & springs.

63/ Fitted crash protection bars/ends.

64/ Refitted side panels.

65/ Removed rear wheel to bleed brake system.

66/ Refitted rear wheel. Torqued up & fitted locking pin.

67/ Adjusted chain tension.

68/ Upon fitting side panels noted incorrect rubber fitted. Ordered new & fitted next day.

69/ Fitted belly pan.

70/ Front to rear bolt tightening.

71/ Adjusted headlight bracket & tightened.

72/ Ran bike for second 15 minutes on ramp.

73/ Re-checked levels & for leaks. All OK.

74/ Booked bike for an MOT.

75/ Customer supplied PVM front wheel.

76/ Removed front wheel, stripped off tyre, discs fitted tyre to PVM wheel. Discovered brake discs did not fit.

77/ Refitted old tyre to front wheel & refitted discs & refitted front wheel for MOT.

78/ Roade bike to & from MOT station @ 10 miles. Passed MOT.

79/ Re-checked levels.

80/ Discs & spacers arrived for PVM wheels. Fitted to wheels – balanced. Fit to bike.

81/ Road test. All OK.

82/ Cleaned bike in advance of collection.

This list constitutes 35 hours of labour to the actual bike at £55 per hour + VAT. We shall let you do the math!

This does not include a considerable list of parts & services we had to source during the transformation, nor does it take into account the substantial investment of purchasing the bike in the first place, nor the cost of the parts the customer had sourced specifically for the bike.

Our customer is a dedicated man, a collector & perfectionist. He knows what he likes & he will stop at nothing to get the finish he seeks for his projects.

The Triumph Speed Triple R Jack Lilley Special now begins a new showcase journey, as the bike is now being used by HEL Performance to promote their products at motorcycle events & shows.

Therefore, if you are considering a project whether it be a light modification/restomod, full customization or a regeneration project you will need to consider your budget, then add at least another 1/3-1/2 to the pot & take into consideration an unimaginable list of ‘what if’s!’ & then ask yourself if you are ready to take on the challenge? If you are considering taking on any kind of motorcycle project, customisation or regeneration; please do read our helpful blog with insights from Daniel on what to consider before you start.

Thinking of starting a winter motorcycle project? Building a custom motorcycle?

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