XJR1300 to S1000XR to CM125, all makes & models welcome at mono motorcycles


Following our brief break last week, in which we got to spend some time with Katy’s parents for the first time since early March; we have been back in the workshop.

On Monday we welcomed on of our great supporters of mono motorcycles beautiful Yamaha XJR1300.

The XJR was booked in for a full service, but when the customer arrived at the workshop; he asked us to assess a minor missfire he had felt on route. When Daniel took the XJR out for a road test, he could feel a hesitation at low revs.

After draining the tank & replacing the fuel, Daniel stripped & ultrasonically cleaned the carbs & in the process found that the slow running jets were blocked which is what would have caused the missfire.

Once Daniel had reassembled the carbs & run fresh fuel through the system, it was time for another road test. The missfire was still ever so slightly evident, leading Daniel to believe that a HT lead had failed. Once these had been replaced & the service completed; the XJR1300 is running smoothly.

On Tuesday a BMW S1000XR joined us for a Major Service, which included valve clearance checks.

We have noted over the years that BMW make their fairings very secure, as in the XR’s case there are 36 screws holding it on! In this case all of the valve clearances were all within tolerance.

On Wednesday 22nd July Sprocket was officially 1 years.

Sprocket was found in a box with his siblings outside the Amicii Dog Rescue in Romania. He was 4 weeks old & with no idea where he came from or who his mother was, Amicii took him & his siblings into the shelter & cared for them. We adopted Sprocket last November & he has changed our lives forever.

To celebrate Sprockets 1st Birthday, we held a silent auction to raise money for the Amicii Dog Rescue.  A fantastic £237 was raised from bids on our Sprockets 1st Birthday charity silent auction & kind donations from family, friends & mono motorcycles supporters.

All proceeds go to Amicii Dog Rescue. Thank you to all those who took part, your kindness makes a huge difference.

On Thursday we began the next phase of reconstruction for the Honda CM125 custom.

The CM125 was brought to us during lockdown as an unfinished project & we have been working on the bike in affordable time buckets for our customer. On Thursday the exhausts were welded on & after some fettling, a new battery, re-connection of some of the plugs in the looms & running from a remote tank; the CM125 spluttered into life!


On Friday we welcomed back our regular customers Yamaha MT09 for fitting of a new Black Widow exhaust.

Join us this coming Sunday 26th July from 10am for our virtual breakfast club & catch up. We both miss having our real time breakfast clubs, but for now, grab a cuppa & join us live to hear our latest updates, take a tour of the workshop, let us know you are there so we can say hello & give a wave to Sprocket. Look forward to seeing you.

As always, for all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 E: monomotorcycles@gmail.com or contact us through our contact page.