Yamaha Trike, Ducati, Yamaha Tenere, Honda CBR @ mono motorcycles


Another week has gone by & we are still here, we are still working & still fixing, servicing & repairing your motorcycles.

This week the workshop has been dominated by the Yamaha Trike which has come back to us for the second phase of it’s repairs.

Monday morning the Yamaha trike re-joined us for the next stage of the work.

We have been tasked with cleaning the carbs & checking the valve clearances. The bike was running really rich upon receipt & therefore our customers decision to have the carbs & valves seen to.

Once the carbs had been removed, Daniel immersed the jets in a new chemical for cleaning brass & they now look like new! Once out of the solution, Daniel uses an air line to blow out any fine debris still caught in the jets.

Note: It is advised not to put brass jets in an ultrasonic cleaner as they can corrode.

At this point in the week, we were waiting on some additional parts. We have noticed a small delay creeping into our deliveries, but we guess this is to be expected due to the current climate.

On Wednesday, the final parts we needed to compete the Trike arrived. With the carbs having been cleaned within an inch of their life; Daniel also changed the fuel & air filters so we don’t undo all our hard work on the carbs. Fuel filters are often overlooked on services but are as important as any other filter on your motorcycle (they act a bit like a human kidney, filtering out small amounts of debris & pollution, to stop this heading for your carb jets or injectors)

On Thursday we welcomed a Yamaha Tenere to the mono motorcycles workshop for some security upgrades.

We are now authorised dealers for BikeTrac Motorcycle Trackers (see our advert below), as well as the DATATOOL Stealth Motorcycle Tracker.

On Thursday afternoon, Daniel tackled the Trike Carbs, again.

Despite best practises & having had the carbs off several times by this point; the Trike still had a flat spot under load. The Trike is running straight pipes with no baffles & therefore is always at risk of under fuelling.

As anyone who has worked with carbs knows, there is no magic button to push or electric whizzy thing to plug in & make it better. With carbs it is a time consuming & sometimes lengthy process of remove, adjust, refit, balance, ride, check, remove, adjust, refit, balance, ride, check – repeat until right!

Daniel then looked at the carbs in motion & checked the needles which go into the main jets. He noted that one of the needles was not depressing as much as the other. When he removed the carbs & checked, he could feel some resistance from within the jet. Once he cleaned & blew this out again, refitted, adjusted, balanced, the Trike was running well under load in the mono motorcycles workshop.

Note: Carburation can be complex & it can be simple. However, the one thing that carbs have in common, is there is no short cuts. Even the most miniscule amount of debris, off fuel, incorrectly fitted components, ageing or worn components can change & or affect the carbs performance. It is a fine balancing act of patience, expertise & time to get this right.

On Friday, the Ducati Multistrada which we undertook a Desmo Service on last week, was back on the ramp as the Ex-Up cable had finally arrived. As can be seen, the cable was rusted & extremely difficult to gain access to, without taking half the Ducati apart.

Daniel took the decision to winch the Ducati’s sub frame up on the Engine Hoist to gain access to the Ex-Up cable & servo motor.

On Friday Nathan started working on a lovely CBR125r Repsol Honda.

We are replacing an exhaust cover, fitting some new tyres & undertaking a pre-sales check. This little gem will be up for sale shortly, if your interested contact us & we will put you in touch with the seller.

We are still here, working behind closed doors. We are Covid secure & ask that you only come to the mono motorcycle workshop if you are dropping off or receiving a motorcycle. If you need to speak to us about a project, please do email us on E: info@monomotorcycles.co.uk or call us on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.

We are hugely appreciative of all of the support we continue to receive from our customers, friends, family & supporters. Please stay safe, stay well & look after yourselves during these tricky times.
All the very best, Daniel & Katy

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