BMW K75 to Honda 160, KTM 390 to Bond Mini Car. A truly varied week at mono motorcycles


The old saying goes ‘variety is the spice of life’ & this week certainly has been one of those weeks.


A little over a week ago, we welcomed a non-start/no spark BMW K75 to the mono motorcycles workshop.

The BMW had already had a new engine fitted by the customer some time ago, but having put the bike back together over a year ago, he found it had no spark.

The bike has since spent the past year at another motorcycle repair establishment, with them having worked on the bike & been unable to find why the bike had no spark.

Under investigation Daniel found the following issues with the bike:

For reference – Loom one is for controls, ignition, lights, charging, stator & gives power to the injection loom. Loom two is the fuel injection loom.

1/ The fuel injection loom instead of being plugged into the power loom, was plugged into the neutral switch.

2/ No injection loom earths were connected.

3/ Clutch switch was loose.

4/ The ignition module was unplugged inside the rubber cover.

5/ The crank sensor was connected to the wrong plug.

6/ The fuel pump had seized & the pin in the plug was damaged.

With Daniel having identified & rectified all of the above faults & replaced the fuel pump; the bike has sprang into life on Monday.

NB: Video is first fire.

The BMW was heading off to the MOT station on Thursday when Daniel could smell burning & smoke was coming from the brake side switchgear.

Upon investigation, the lighting circuit wiring had caught fire. When Daniel got the tank off there looks like a main connector plug which has been plugged in the wrong way round (not part of our work to get the bike running) & this may be the cause of the short/overload.

Our customer has been advised & he has authorised us to make the appropriate repairs, even if this means another wiring loom.

Watch this space.

KTM 390 Duke

Oaklie undertook a Full Service on a KTM 390 Duke on Monday. No pressure, it belongs to Katy! Oaklie’s did an excellent job of completing the Full Service & a TEXA update too.


On Tuesday we welcomed a BMW R1200GSA to the mono motorcycles workshop. The BMW had been fitted with some HiD bulbs.

However, whoever had completed the work had chopped the plugs off the spotlights & bent the pins to put the HiD connectors in, meaning Daniel had to repair the wiring loom before he could replace the HiD’s with H11 white bulbs.

The photograph of the parts on the floor is what Daniel removed from the bike & was not needed with the bulb upgrade.

Honda CB160

On Wednesday we welcomed a lovely Honda CB160 to the mono motorcycles workshop.  When our customer first contacted us, he advised that the CB having gone out on a cylinder, he had tried to resolve the problem himself.

However, when he had put the bike back together, he noted that the tappet & locknut he had been using were nowhere to be seen.

Having turned his garage upside down, he came to one conclusion – it was inside the engine! Worried he could cause damage by starting the bike & or taking it apart again, he instructed Daniel to seek the tappet & locknut out.

When Daniel took the rocker cover off the engine & looked inside; the tappet & the locknut were sat on the cam chain tensioner!

Once we top the oil up with mineral oil, the CB160 will be able to go back home.

Bond Mini Car

For those of you who are regular followers of our journey, you will know that one of our strengths is being able to turn our hand to almost anything. This also means when we are presented with a three wheeled Villiers engine car, we are happy to help.

The Bond engine is a Villiers two stroke.

We have been tasked with relocating the battery for our customer, as it is hidden & difficult to get to. The battery will be relocated behind the drivers seat.

The original Bond Minicar was conceived and designed by Lawrence (Lawrie) Bond. It was built in Preston, Lancashire by Sharp’s Commercials Limited – a member of the Loxhams and Bradshaw Group of companies.

Production eventually commenced in January 1949. The original Mark A proved very popular due to the post war economies and pioneered the 18-year production run of Villiers two-stroke powered Minicars.

Production finally ceased with the Mark G in December 1966. (1)

2023 Motorcycle Servicing

Our Service book for 2023 is now open & you may have seen one of our advertising postcards asking the following questions:

Which level of service should your bike have in 2023?

Interim, Full or Major?

Have you checked your user manual?

The reason we are asking these questions is because keeping the correct service intervals for your bike up to date can help keep your motorcycle safe, road worthy & up to date if you are considering selling/part-exchanging.

Checking your manual will let you know what mileage you are meant to go for an Interim, Full or Major Service & for some bikes like Ducati’s, they can go on years or miles.

Keeping to your service schedule ensures your bike will retain its peak performance, not put unnecessary wear & tear on the engine & moving parts & keep your all-important paperwork/service book up to date should you consider selling the bike. Not many people would buy a bike for example knowing its Major Service was due in a couple of hundred miles!

Seasonal Offers!

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for the biker in your life? Then how about a Gift Voucher for Service & Repair at mono motorcycles?!

Vouchers can be purchased at £25, £50, £100 denominations & are valid for 1 year from purchase.

Contact us today on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email us at E:

Winter Motorcycle Safety Check & Oil Change £99 (includes VAT)

Package includes physical visual safety check with safety sheet record & oil & filter change only.

Available 1st Nov 22 to 31st Jan 2023. Exclusions apply.

Please contact us for more information T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 E:


Saturday 4th February 2023 Basic Motorcycle Safety & Maintenance Workshop

Join us on Saturday 4th February 2023 for a morning of essential motorcycle safety & basic maintenance.

The session will be 1 ½ hours + a 15-minute break + Q&A time & will cover the essentials of motorcycle safety & identify basic motorcycle maintenance needs.

The session is aimed at complete novices, those who are new to biking & those who wish to feel more confident in understanding their motorcycles basic maintenance needs.

We will cover areas such as: Checking tyre pressures, tyre tread/depth & legal requirements, greasing the chain, checking the chain/sprockets, checking brakes, how to check oil levels, coolant levels (if appropriate), checking fork seals for leaks/fork stanchions for marks or rust, how to charge the battery, checking headstock bearings for play/notching, MOT expectations, etc

Note: We will not be teaching you how to service/repair your own motorcycle. This session is an advisory session only.

Session 1: 10.00am – 10.45am

Break 15 minutes

Session 2: 11.00am – 11.45pm + Q&A time

The session is £10 with free tea/coffee & biscuits for all attendees.

Details of how to book & make payments can be found at

Saturday 4th March 2023 Spring Open Morning at mono motorcycles

Join us to discuss your service, repair or wiring needs for 2023 & beyond at the mono motorcycles workshop New Barn Offices, Funtington, PO18 9DA

Coffee & Tea £1.00

Sunday 23rd April 2023 Breakfast Club is back!

Breakfast Club is back in 2023!

Join us for a hearty breakfast, catch up with friends, or drop in for a pit-stop!

Location: mono motorcycles, Row C, Unit 4-5 New Barn Offices, Funtington, Chichester, PO18 9DA

Sunday 18th June 2023 mono motorcycles Custom & Classic Bike Show 2023

Our second Custom & Classic Bike Show is already planned for Sunday 18th June 2023. We are already taking registrations for motorcycles in a variety of categories:

2023 Categories:

Best in Show, Best Paint, Best Custom, Best Cafe Racer, Best Bobber, Best flat tracker/scrambler,

Best Modern Classic (any fully restored modern classic 1970-1999),

Mini Mayhem (Fully restored classic or custom under 200cc),

Best eBike Custom (fully electric motorcycle)

Register your bike by sending an email to with a description of the bike, at least 4 photographs of the front, sides & rear & which category you wish to enter.

We are also looking for an eclectic selection of trade for the show & therefore if you or anyone you know is interested in bringing your business to the show, please do contact Katy in the first instance by emailing for more information

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As always for all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.