mono motorcycles support SERV Wessex Blood Runners

As many of our regular readers will know, mono motorcycles have been supporting SERV Wessex Blood Runners since we started the company in 2017.

We chose to support the Blood Runners as just like us they are all bikers, the difference being that these bikers provide essential and vital out of hours delivery runs for local hospitals and Doctors.

These noble bikers volunteer to transport blood/platelets/plasma, human milk, x-rays, patient notes and any other medical items or small equipment all over Hampshire, South Wiltshire, Dorset and beyond; selflessly and tirelessly giving up their own time to do so.

mono motorcycles began supporting SERV Wessex because when we started mono motorcycles, we were still based in Hampshire and SERV Wessex were our local branch. SERV Wessex support all the NHS Hospitals within Hampshire, South Wiltshire and Dorset, the HIOWAA helicopter and critical care cars based at Thruxton and NHS Dialysis Units located in Hampshire, South Wiltshire and Dorset.

Unlike some organisations, SERV Wessex have no paid volunteers to help with organising or fundraising.

All the volunteers have an active role to play in the running of the group, with certain members of the team having specific roles to enable the smooth running of SERV Wessex.

Alongside the riders out on the roads are a team of people behind the scenes and controllers making sure that the rota is updated and that every call out and every NHS need is covered appropriately, efficiently, and quickly.

SERV Blood Runners collaborate with the HIOWAA (Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance Service) and every 48 hours SERV replenish the Helicopter and Critical care teams’ blood and plasma supplies which they carry, ensuring that at any given moment the HIOWWA team are ready for action and ready to save lives. SERV do all of this free of charge.

Sadly, as a lot of us know it is often an Air Ambulance which is called in the case of motorcycle incidents. Supporting SERV who in turn support HIOWAA is a simple case of logic. One day they may be helping one of us in our time of need.

Because the liveried motorcycles have ‘BLOOD’ emblazoned on them, a lot of people assume that this is all the SERV riders transport, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although the Blood Runners do transport blood/platelets and plasma between hospitals, literally saving lives in the process, one other key area is the transportation of human milk to Neonatal wards.

The transportation of human milk is sometimes a lifesaving mission. Premature babies are often in desperate need of the life-giving vital nutrients and hormones which human milk provides. If a mother has difficulty breast feeding and or is unwell during the birth process, human milk from other sources can often times literally be a lifesaving opportunity for the premature baby.

Sometimes the SERV members will be involved with relay missions for essential medical supplies, blood, human milk etc and have been known to be part of relay teams travelling hundreds of miles cumulatively to ensure lifesaving medical support is delivered where it is most needed.

Rain or shine, in freezing or scorching temperatures and even throughout the entire festive season of Christmas SERV Blood Runners are on call, ready for action, ready to save lives, supporting our NHS.

mono motorcycles ran our first Christmas Charity Quiz in aid of SERV in December 2018 and our second after Covid in 2021.