Wiring diagrams & kits

Building a custom motorcycle & considering your wiring choices?

At mono motorcycles we can offer various options to help you bring your beloved project to life. These include full in house wiring, bespoke wiring diagrams & full wiring kits too.

Bespoke wiring diagram

If you are a regular follower of mono motorcycles you will already know that we are currently able to provide you with a bespoke wiring diagram for your motorcycle, should you wish to undertake the wiring yourself.

Our bespoke wiring diagrams include all of the components you need to retain to make your motorcycle work, full motogadget wiring instructions & instructions written by mono motorcycles.

Our bespoke wiring diagram ensures that based on the conversations you have with us prior to the drawing being developed; that we can provide you with all of the information to assist you with wiring your own motorcycle.

Our wiring diagram option comes with instructions, a printed & digital version of your diagram & 1 hours worth of technical support should you need it.

Our wiring diagrams start at £200 + VAT

Bespoke motorcycle wiring kit & wiring diagram

This option is for customers who are happy to carry out the wiring themselves with a little added support.

mono motorcycles are now offering a full motorcycle wiring kit completely tailored to your needs. The kit includes any of the motogadget items: bespoke wiring diagram, correct gauge wire for your build, batteries, regulator rectifiers, connectors, switches, heat shrink or braid & we even include heatshrink tags so you don’t lose your way.

Included with our kit is one hour of expert technical support which we can do via a phone call, email, FaceTime or zoom. We have good working relationships with Antigravity batteries, Motone Customs as well as motogadget & we are therefore able to support you whatever your needs or requirements.

With our expertise & experience we can help you find the right components which work together & avoid expensive mistakes.

We can of course alternatively provide you with just a bespoke wiring diagram or completely wire the motorcycle for you.

Every wiring kit will be different & therefore costs are POA

It is worth noting that the m.unit does not do away with CDI or ECU units. Therefore, part of your original wiring loom would need to be retained.

Furthermore, not every motorcycle can use a motogadget m.unit. Immobilisers are very challenging to get around (although a few companies can map the immobiliser out) Most very new motorcycles use a system called CAN Bus. With CAN Bus or Controller Area Network to give it its full name, each component on the motorcycle talks to another & therefore if you remove any of the components within that “network”, the motorcycles ECU will see that as a fault & will stop the motorcycle from running. If you are unsure, please contact us first for advice.

If you would like to discuss your full wiring options or would like us to design a bespoke wiring diagram or kit for you; then please do contact Daniel Morris via email or telephone to talk through your options.

The more information you can give us the beginning of your project, the more we can help & assist with transforming the wring for you.

Email: info@monomotorcycles.co.uk

Tel: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446

For examples of our previous full motogadget wiring, please do follow the link below: