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Heated motorcycle grips: great for keeping your pinkies warm in winter, but really annoying when you leave them on & you come back to a flat battery.

As the winter months approach, we are all mindful of keeping warm and safe. Heated grips are often a riders choice for winter motorcycle riding, as there is nothing worse than numb non-responsive fingers on those biting autumnal or wintry days. However, one of those niggling issues of course is that if they are left on while your motorcycle is stationary, your battery goes flat.

When mono motorcycles & vehicle security fit heated grips we ensure that they only come on with the ignition, leaving you rest assured that you won’t come back to a flat battery.  One of our regular customers asked me this very question. Using his Yamaha R1 as a commuter motorcycle, he needed to know it would start at the end of a busy working day. This had always put him off in the past. Being reassured that I could wire the grips directly into the ignition switch helped the customer make the decision, meaning warm winter riding months ahead for him.

mono motorcycles & vehicle security use Oxford Hot Grips as they are a universal product. I spent a bit of time heat shrinking all the wiring, shortening the cables , to make sure they were not looped around under the fairing; being of the opinion that spending appropriate time/installing correctly, will extend the durability of the grips. Making sure the grips were wired directly into the ignition, means the motorcycle’s battery will never go flat through the grips being left on.

We are currently offering Oxford Hot Grips for £99.00 supplied and fitted.  Contact Daniel Morris on 07899 654446 or Contact us for further information.

Oxford Hot Grips supplied and fitted for £99.00

Oxford Hot Grips controller

Heat shrunk over connectors to protect from the elements

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