mono motorcycles install Translogic Powershifter, as seen on Wayne Rainey’s YZR500 at FOS ‘22


We were all in awe of the incredible spectacle of watching three times GP winner Wayne Rainey reunited with his YZR500 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year (2022) hurtling up the famous hill, despite being paralyzed from the chest down.

Photography by Pete Summers

When Rainey’s motorcycling career was cut short by a freak accident twenty-nine years ago little did he think he would ever ride again, let alone ride his iconic YZR500.

With some extensive modifications to the bike, one of the key components to enable Rainey to get back on two wheels was the introduction of the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter, giving Rainey full gear shift control through the handlebars.

The Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter is the smallest motorcycle gearshifter drive system in the world. The soft-start-drive design provides the perfect shift with easy neutral selection & is designed to perform in the most gruelling conditions. The unit is sealed, salt spray tested, environmentally endurance passed & has a reversible drive for Road or Race applications. (1)

This incredibly engineered & versatile example of game changing hardware was brought to our attention by one of our customers about a month ago.

Our customer having purchased a new BMW R1250GS, sadly discovered that a mobility issue with his foot got worse with riding. On longer journeys our customers mobility was impaired to the point where manual control of the standard gear shift pedal was almost impossible.

Seeking a solution which allow him to have a system which could potentially alleviate the pressure on his foot when needed, but also give him manual control; his research lead him to the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter.

Having already supported the customer with some security upgrades, he asked us if we would be interested in supporting the supply & installation of the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter. Once we looked into the product the decision was a no brainer, the answer was of course yes.

The first part of the process was an incredibly helpful discussion with the Translogic Sales Team & in particular the help & guidance we received from Andy Brooks their Operations Manager.

To ensure the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter was fitted in a suitable place for the application, Daniel mocked up a position & described the kind of bracket he planned on fabricating to install the Powershifter servo.

Andy Brooks was happy with the proposals & therefore Daniel then set about fabricating the servo bracket.

Having fabricated the servo module bracket from 4mm stainless steel & mounted it off the BMW frame, the original bracket was not robust enough & twisted with the servo attached. Therefore, Daniel then strengthened the bracket by fabricating an additional plate to the rear. Once all of the edges were cleaned & removed, the bracket was then sent for paint.

The tactile push buttons which accompany the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter are designed to fit on the LH (clutch lever) side of the handlebars. However, our customer asked us if we could fit them on the RH (brake side) of the handlebars.

To enable this to happen, Daniel had to fabricate another bracket to be positioned just below the brake lever, no mean feet when you consider the considerably packed handlebars of a BMW R1250GS!

The PSR-ECU was then installed up under the fuel tank of the BMW, attaching the power & the earth to the battery. The waterproof connection plugs were then connected to the servo & the switches.

With the servo bracket installed, the servo module, which has a rod similar to a gear change rod (can be installed with or without the gear shift pedal) was attached to the pedal.

What you then have is a system which can change gear either fully using handlebar controls or change between manual operation & the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter, depending on an individual’s riding needs.

Daniel then took the BMW R1250GS out for a test ride & to show the system in action, attached his GoPro to the bike.

“I cannot explain how incredible the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter is. Once I pulled away on the BMW R1250GS, I didn’t use the gear shift pedal once & controlled the entire gear changing capabilities of the bike from the handlebars. What really blew my mind was when the BMW quickshifter engaged & the system worked perfectly.

The most impressive thing with the BMW is that due to the autoblip, you don’t even need to engage the clutch when you change back down the gearbox. The Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter & the BMW Quickshifter worked in harmony with each other, with seamless performance” Daniel Morris – Proprietor, mono motorcycles

One of the reasons the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter works so well on the BMW R1250GS, is that the R1250GS is fitted with a quickshifter & autoblip as standard, meaning that with the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter fitted, you can ride entirely feet & clutch free, once you have pulled away.

One of the feedback comments from the customer is that he would find perhaps a small thumb paddle switch would suit him better, rather than momentary push button switches for ease of control, particularly when wearing winter gloves for example. We look forward to more feedback from the customer once he has had an opportunity to ride the bike on longer journeys.

What impresses us both at mono motorcycles is the game changing possibilities the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter has for those with mobility issues, amputees or riders who are paralyzed, as has been seen in the case of Wayne Rainey’s ride up the Goodwood hill at the Festival of Speed 2022.

Note: The Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter is not a Quickshifter.

If you would like to find out more about the Translogic Powershifter Tip-Tronic Gearshifter then please do follow the link below & if you are interested in the system for your motorcycle, do contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576 212 / 07899 654 446 or email us at for more information.