Ducati, Honda, BMW, Triumph, E-Core electric, breakfast club and tea – lots of tea!


What a fantastic fortnight! The sun has shone, we’ve had plenty of variety in the workshop and our breakfast club was a welcome opportunity to relax and catch up with customers and friends.

Let’s take a look at what has been going on in the mono motorcycles workshop this past fortnight.

Ducati Hypermotard

The Ducati had been off the road for approximately 5 years and was in need of recommissioning. This was to include tyres, new belts, a full service, battery check/replace and arranging an MOT.

Once underway and a new battery had been fitted, it was evident that the fuel pump was not priming.

Having tested the fuel pump and found it was not priming, we had to drain the tank (the stale fuel smelt like nail polish) Once the fuel pump was removed it was evident why it would not prime. The entire unit had rusted from sitting in stale fuel.

Having communicated our findings to our customer and received his authorisation to purchase a new fuel pump, we placed our £900! order with Ducati. The part being located in Italy meant we had at least a 5-7 day lead time for it to arrive in the UK.

While we waited for the fuel pump to arrive, the service, belts and tyres were undertaken. Once the pump arrived and was fitted, the bike fired up and ran perfectly.

If you are looking to bring your motorcycle back to life after an extended rest, do email us in the first instance with as much information about the bike and any photographs you have available for us to be able to provide estimated costs for recommission. E: info@monomotorcycles.co.uk

The difference between a recommission and restoration:

The recommission process would be best suited for a relatively new bike, more likely fuel injected and one which has been stored carefully in the dry. Depending on the extend of the work involved, recommissions could be completed in the summer months.

A restoration would be completed through the winter months and is most likely suited to an older motorcycle or classic which requires a full nut and bolt restoration to get it back on the road.

Budgets can vary wildly when undertaking any kind of recommission or restoration. Always best to over budget than under and always an idea to have a small buffer for unforeseen outcomes.

BMW R1200 GS

One of our regular customers BMW’s joined us last week for fitting of rear disc, pads and fitting of tyres.

Triumphant Friday

Last Friday we had a Triumphant day at the mono motorcycles workshop. First up we welcomed a Triumph Bonneville Bobber 1200 for servicing. Next up, we had a Triumph Speedmaster on the bench for servicing. Oaklie competently worked on both of these bikes under Daniels watchful gaze.

E-Core – the electric revolution has begun!

Well, this has just become very real! Our first electric motor is finished and will be winging its way to the UK very soon!

The E-Core electric conversion will fit so many of the Honda platform 50/70/90/110cc bikes plus most pit bikes.

We really hope this will take off in the UK as a drop in solution to the small cc motorcycles. If you are interested, we will have more details in the coming weeks/months as the product goes into production.

Sunday 18.06.2023 Breakfast Club

It was lovely to see so many people out and about at our June Breakfast Club.

This last Thursday was certainly a manic day. Here’s a snapshot of how we got on.

First up, ‘Bella’ the Honda NC750X joined us for her annual servicing and arranging an MOT.

Next up, Daniel completed the work to the Suzuki LT Z90 Quad. The Quad’s recoil mechanism had been badly damaged, as had the crash bar.

Then we welcomed a BMW R1100R then joined us for Interim Servicing.

In the afternoon Oaklie was working on the AJS carbs. The AJS joined us for a recommission earlier in the week.  Someone had sealed the carbs up with gasket seal. This then dissolved and blocked all of the jets. The carb bodies were ultrasonically cleaned, and the jets were blown out with airline and took a bath in clock acid.

Once refitted to the bike, the bike ran up on both cylinders.  We have had to order a new rear brake master cylinder as the AJS one had failed. At the time of writing, this project is still ongoing.

mono motorcycles. Fuelled by tea! Lots and lots of tea!

Breakfast Club – Sunday 23rd July 2023

As always, for all your motorcycle service, repair or motogadget wiring needs, contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email us on info@monomotorcycles.co.uk