Honda, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha, Triumph, Suzuki all catered for at mono motorcycles


July has been an extremely busy month for us here at mono motorcycles.

With a couple of larger projects heading towards completion and a fully booked diary, we have certainly been kept on our toes this month. Lets find out a little more about some of the bikes we have been working on.

Suzuki GSXR 750 Slingshot

For those regular followers you will know that we have been restoring a Suzuki GSX-R 750 Slingshot. This full nut and bolt restoration, including engine rebuild has been a labour of love for us all and just over a week ago it was time for the first fire. The video is literally the first time this bike has fired up in over 20 years.

Triumph Daytona 675 track bike.

A stunning Triumph Daytona 675R track bike joined us with considerable damage to the stator and regulator rectifier wiring.

The customer, having had the tank off to make some alterations to the quickshifter, placed the tank back on the bike, started it up and shortly afterwards noticed smoke from under the tank. Upon investigation he found several plugs had burnt and wires had burnt/melted. The bike was obviously a non-start at receipt.

Under investigation at the mono motorcycles workshop we found that the wiring had melted from the reg/rec plug to the reg/reg and the stator wiring had melted/burnt. A couple of scenarios were possibly in play. The stator could have already been showing signs of ageing, the Daytona’s are notorious for burring them out. However, what added to the damage was where the reg/reg wiring/plug had got caught under the tank and been flattened against the frame damaging the wiring in doing so. When the bike was fired up, the bare wires created an arc under the tank/on the frame and burnt/melted the wiring away and in doing so, also burnt/melted the stator and stator wiring.

Unfortunately, in this case both the regulator rectifier and stator were damaged. In agreement with our customer we had to order a new reg/rec and stator.

Once the parts arrived and we removed the stator, it was noted that it was not a genuine part. We have learnt over the years that on the Triumph range in particular, the patten stators are just not robust enough to cope and very quickly fail. This is why we have a policy of only fitting genuine stators.

Daniel then had to rebuild a fresh charging wiring loom to completely remove and replace all of the damaged wiring. To assist with the charging, he also relocated the reg/rec under the back of the bike. It had previously been located under the front RH fairing meaning the wiring to the battery was routed right around the front of the bike.

Once the parts were replaced and the new charging loom built Daniel fired the bike up and checked the charge rate. It was charging where it should have been. He then road tested the Triumph at the farm and was satisfied that the faults with the charging system were rectified.

Ducati 748

The second bike which joined us with burnt wiring was the Ducati 748. The Ducati had burnt out the wires, clips and plugs around the battery. This is quite a common fault with this make and model.

Once Daniel isolated the damaged wiring, he found that someone had already installed the bypass which helps redirect the load around the battery. This had also been damaged.

Once Daniel removed all of the damaged wiring, the burnt plug and assessed in and around the charging system, he replaced all of the wires and the plug. He also created the bypass necessary to protect the battery wiring in the future.

WC 24.07.2023

Tuesday 25th July

First up today we welcomed a Lexmoto Vendetta 250 for full servicing and a BMW G310 for presales servicing, another great sale for DJK Motorcycles Ltd

Wednesday 26th July

Wednesday was another busy one for us.

First up was the BMW S1000R.  Sold by DJK Motorcycles Ltd its now back with us for its next service.

Next up we welcomed a stunning Yamaha MT09 for a full service. When the bike arrived the customer asked if we could also fit a new set of tyres which we were able to do so on an overnight service. Last up on Wednesday we welcomed a Honda trx90 quad for servicing and replacing the neutral switch.

(Please note we can only take on small quads from the “big four” due to parts and size!)

Friday 28th July

A Japanese themed morning for us at mono motorcycles. First up the Kawasaki Z1000 joined us for a Full Service and detailing.

Next, we welcomed back the Honda CBR929 Fireblade to assess a hesitation at idle. This is the bike we have transformed into a ‘comfy tourer’ for our customer. Find out more about the transformation in our guest blog

We also welcomed a Honda CBR 1100 Super Blackbird to the workshop. The Blackbird had a fault which manifested itself once all of the lights were on and the bike was under load. Once under load you could clearly hear the bike labouring and it would cut out shortly afterwards. Daniels initial charge rate tests pointed towards a potential bad earth or possible break in the loom. Upon further investigation and acknowledging that the bike was not charging at idle, this then pointed towards the stator. Once the stator cover was removed it was evident that one of the main issues with the Blackbird would be that the stator was fried.

In agreement with our customer we have ordered a genuine Honda stator as it is our policy to only use genuine stators as we have had too many problems with patten parts.

The stator is on back order from Honda so once this is available, we can then complete the rest of the work.

Triumph T100 Bonneville

In the afternoon we welcomed back ‘Rory’ the much travelled Triumph T100. ‘Rory’ and his rider Naomi have just completed the Malle Rally covering a cumulative 3000 mile round trip.

‘Rory’ joined us today for a thorough servicing, stabilizing the wobbly exhaust, checked the charging system and replaced the front and rear brake pads. While ‘Rory’ was with us it was noted that there was a split in the rear tyre. This will now need to be replaced.

Bookings for August, September and beyond.

It has certainly been a very busy month for us and we are already mostly booked up for August and have limited availability in September.

If you are considering a restoration, regeneration, motogadget rewire or any kind of winter project work, we are already taking bookings. Please note: Major overhauls, regenerations, restorations and motogadget rewires are generally booked in from November through to late February only.


We only have three Breakfast Clubs left for 2023. Sunday 27th August, Sunday 24th September and Sunday 22nd October.

We have also reinstated our popular Charity Christmas Quiz in aid of SERV Wessex Blood Runners. Tickets for the quiz go on sale at the end of August and can either be purchased at the mono motorcycles workshop, at one of our breakfast clubs or over the telephone 01243 -576212.

For all your motorcycling needs please do contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576212 / 07899 654446, email us at or contact us through our contact page.