Enfield, Triumph, MV Augusta, C90 & a New Puppy! @ mono motorcycles


This is our last week of bookings for 2020 & we have been finishing projects & working on new motorcycles as well. Let’s see what we have in the workshop.

So, the big news we were bursting to tell everyone, was about our latest addition to mono motorcycles family, Axle. ‘Axle’ joins us as a companion for Sprocket, his ‘brother from another mother’

Axle was found starving in a Romanian street with the rest of his litter. Axle’s Dad & Mum are working Miroritic Sheppard Dog X’s & sadly there is only ever food for the working dogs, as puppies are surplus to requirement & an inconvenience. They usually end up starving, or are gathered up & taken to the ‘kill shelter’s’ I don’t need to elaborate as to their fate there  There is a free neutering service across Romania, but the take up is very small.

This year we have all suffered from not seeing our loved ones, from the restrictions to our lives & our animals have suffered too. Axle joins us as a companion for Sprocket & an addition to Sprocket’s pack (we are the rest of it!) Axle is very tired & very unsure of everything, but we hope you will welcome him as part of our family & make him feel as welcome as Sprocket has been

On Monday Daniel & Nathan were having a Honda C90 Cub day.

Nathan has fallen in love with the quirky C90 & we are therefore in the process of not only dismantling it to ensure everything works & giving it a thorough service; but in so doing, Daniel will be teaching Nathan how to maintain & look after it going forward. Father to Son.

Up on the ramp on Wednesday morning we welcomed back a Triumph Tiger belonging to one of our regular customers & great supporter of mono motorcycles. The Tiger joined us to ascertain why the horn & indictors had stopped working & an annual service.

Upon investigation Daniel found that one of the wires from the horn loom had been rubbing on the frame & had subsequently broken. This had created a short earth, which had blown the fuse on the indicators. The wiring was repaired, the fuse replaced & everything was working once again.

While Daniel was preparing the Suzuki 7/11 for a valve clearance check, he discovered that the cam cap was damaged. Normally a broken cam cap would spell disaster as they are machined to the cylinder head. Not with the guys at EMP Tooling at hand!

Alan of EMP Tooling  managed to build up the broken cap using a state of the art laser welder, then he machined a new thread. Beauty of laser welding there is no heat distortion and it’s now stronger than it was before.

If you need any machining or welding work look the guys up at www.e-m-p.biz

On Thursday we welcomed AN mv Augusta to the mono motorcycles workshop. We completed some works to the MV last year & it would appear it has not been ridden since.

Our customer advised that he thought his Optimate might be faulty as the battery kept on draining. He also advised that he had then fitted a new battery & since fitting the new battery, the MV would not start, nor would the dash or anything work.

Upon investigation is appears that the new battery had been fitted incorrectly & the positive & negative attached to the wrong terminals. Once Daniel began to remove the resisters, he found that the three main ones had blown. Once replaced, each time he tries the ignition, the main fuse blows again.

Having tested the alternator, this seems to be within parameters & therefore, the investigation will continue with some thought to the fact that the ECU may have sustained damage when the battery shorted the system. The investigation is ongoing.

On Friday morning we welcomed a Royal Enfield 650 to the mono motorcycles workshop.

We are changing the dash for a motogadget unit & fitting a smaller headlight to tidy up the front. Although motogadget do a plug & play kit we have one hell of a lot of wires to hide.

As mentioned a few times, we are already taking bookings as far ahead as March 2021. Therefore, if you know your service is due or you have been considering some repairs; please do contact us sooner rather than later.

For all your motorcycling needs, contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.