From the Big Four to an NSU quickly, it’s been a varied week at mono motorcycles!


It was certainly a week of extremes this week at mono motorcycles with everything from the Big Four to an NSU Quickly! Let’s take a look at some of the bikes which have joined us this week.


First up this week we welcomed a lovely Honda Rebel for annual servicing.

Next up we welcomed a very tidy Yamaha R1 which joined us for Major Servicing, fitting a rotor and readjusting the exhausts.

The owner of the R1 was so pleased with the service we provided that he took to Google and Facebook to tell others about his experience.

Next up we welcomed a Kawasaki Z1000SX for Full Servicing and chain and sprockets.


On Tuesday we welcomed a smaller bike to the mono motorcycles workshop. The owner of the Vespa GTS Super 125 is very hard of hearing and cannot judge if he has turned his indicators off. Concerned about giving the wrong information to other road users he asked us to fit an audible signal indicator to his Vespa. The unit can clearly be heard over the noise of the engine but is not so loud as to be intrusive to other road users or pedestrians.


One of the jobs on Wednesday was a lovely Triumph Tiger. The Customer had a Healtech Thunderbox fitted to control his spotlights and sat-nav as the Tiger uses a Can-Network. The spotlights would randomly stay on for anything up to ten minutes when the bike was switched off.

This was due to the way the Thunderbox had been wired up by the previous garage. On the Thunderbox there are 3 wires. Power (Red) Earth (Black) and Control (White), now although you can run the Thunderbox without the control wire the Thunderbox will detect when the bike is running and when it’s turned off, it does this by detecting the voltage at the battery.

However, this is where the issue lies. A healthy battery with the engine switched off should be around 12.4-12.7v. When the bike is running, we should expect to see 13.5-14.5v this will then switch on the Thunderbox. Now, when you turn the ignition off the box can still think the bike is running until the surface charge drops below 13.5v, if the bike has a fully charged battery and has had a decent run it could take ten minutes for the surface charge to drop from 14.5v down to the desired 13.5v. A simple fix was to find a switched 12v ignition supply and connect this to the white control wire.

Now when the ignition is switched off the spotlights and sat-nav only stay on for 4 seconds.

Don’t forget we are Healtech Suppliers, if you require any of their fantastic products drop us a message. 👍🏻


The lovely Honda Africa Twin which joined us on Tuesday for an Interim Service, had new shoes and boots fitted for winter.

As we head into winter and the roads become quite treacherous, having a good set of tyres underneath you and a meaty set of brake pads is imperative.

mono motorcycles have access to the largest selection of tyres in the UK and can usually get most makes and sizes on an overnight delivery.

If you are concerned about your tyre choices for winter and or need advice about how your brake pads are faring, contact us today or pop past the workshop for a free assessment.

We also welcomed an NSU Quickly to the workshop on Thursday. The NSU was making a very odd knocking noise when running. Unfortunately, upon inspection the little engine was only found to have 1 of the 2 piston rings intact. We cannot tell if the engine was originally built like this, or that the ring has collapsed and fallen into the engine.

Our customer has asked us to rebuild the little engine and therefore our next task is to source the parts. This one is ongoing.


This morning we welcomed three lovely bikes from DJK Motorcycles Ltd. The Honda CB125F, Suzuki Bandit 600S and Honda CBR650F all joined us for servicing and pre-sales checks before they join their new owners.

DJK Motorcycles, located next door to mono motorcycles, are passionate about delivering great service and great bikes to all of their customers. DJK Motorcycles offer a great range of used motorcycles and if they don’t have what you are looking for in stock, they can ask their industry contacts to see if they can source you the bike of your dreams.

Contact Danny Kinally at DJK Motorcycles 07954 404942 or find out more at their website

We also welcomed a Triumph Rocket III for an intermittent electrical fault assessment which would manifest itself by randomly making the dash go dark and switching the bike off.

When Daniel started to investigate the wiring loom, he discovered a collection of wires at the ignition which had clearly been ‘addressed’ previously as they had tell-tale new tape wrapped around them and a very poor attempt at a bypass lower down the loom.

With the wiggle test proving that there was damage in the loom, which is directly affecting the entire dash setup, Daniel was not happy with only making a repair.

Following a conversation with the customer, they agreed between them that to repair the bike correctly and safely the wiring loom would need to be fully removed and addressed in its entirety. As this is about a days work, we did not have the hours available today to undertake this.

The Rocket is therefore going to take a rest with DJK Motorcycles for a month and join us again in November when we can allocate enough hours to rectify the faults correctly.


Time to buy your tickets for this year’s Charity Christmas Quiz in aid of SERV Wessex Blood Runners.

Doors open at 7.00pm, quiz starts at 7.30pm.

Small licensed bar and amazing raffle with incredible prizes.

Tickets are £5.00 each and all proceeds go to SERV Wessex Blood Runners.

Tickets can be purchased at the mono motorcycles workshop or over the telephone. T: 01243 576212. Purchases made over the telephone will be left at the door on the night.

Gather your teams (recommended 6-10 per team) and join us for a great evening. Quiz categories will cover general knowledge, general motorcycle themes and Christmas.

You don’t need to be a biker or even own a bike to enjoy this great evening.


Why wait until spring to service your motorcycle? Book in with us during the winter months and you will be road ready as soon as the warmer weather returns!

Contact Daniel or Katy for more information or find out more at our website.

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