Good news and a mountain of Thank You’s from Daniel and Katy

Written by Katy.

“Regular readers of our blogs have probably noticed our weekly blog has been absent for the past few weeks.

This started back on the 12th February when I was unexpectedly rushed into hospital with what turned out to be appendicitis. As you can imagine this was a very difficult time for us as I was in hospital for six days. This threw everything in the air and all of a sudden Daniel had to take on my role alongside trying to keep on top of a full diary of motorcycle service and repair.

My Dad and Mum dropped everything and dashed down from Gloucester to not only be close to me, but also to look after Sprocket and Axle while Daniel got on with the running of the business.

The challenges continued when I got out of hospital and had to recuperate for two weeks at home. I managed part time hours during the fourth week and started to get on top of the back log.

Despite the challenges this posed, we got through it with the incredible support of Oaklie who seriously pulled out all of the stops, working extra hours and days. We also had the most incredibly understanding customers, who appreciated the unprecedented situation we all found ourselves in.

Finding us getting back on an even keel, we then let everyone know that we were going away for a few days. What we didn’t let on at the time was that on Saturday 9th March 2024 we got married.


We had been planning this from the end of last year and as we have been together for eight years, it wasn’t something we rushed into.

We chose a simple ceremony with my Dad and Mum as our only guests and our witnesses. We walked into the Registry office to the ‘Jaws’ theme tune and signed the registry to Metallica’ s ‘Nothing Else Matters. It was the perfect way for us to show our commitment to each other and start the next part of our life journey together.

When we got back from our ‘honey-break’ we were back into a busy diary full of work.

However, our first day back became a truly magnificent day when the following brilliant things happened.

The first incredible thing to happen on Thursday was that we have been asked to become an approved service centre for a well established UK motorcycle brand (we are not letting out any names just yet as we need approvals to be signed) Again it was one of our incredible customers who owns one of the motorcycles who recommended us to the manufacturer.

The second thing was that we had confirmation that the remaining £9K we needed for our MOT bay fundraiser was being donated to us by a very generous customer. We are astounded by his generosity and belief in our business and all that we do here at mono motorcycles.

The third incredible thing which happened was that another customer we hadn’t seen for a while arrived in the afternoon and let us know that he too wanted to donate a sum of money to support the MOT bay process.

Although we need £12k for the equipment and application, we still have more items to purchase like a laptop, printer, chairs, etc.

So, when he told us that he had inherited some money and he wanted to donate £1K to the business, we were again blown away by the generosity.

Once the MOT bay is applied for, it can take at least three months for approval to come through, so it is still a little way off.

The incredible generosity of everyone who has supported us through this process is overwhelmingly humbling. We cannot thank everyone enough for the belief that they have in mono motorcycles and everything we have worked for since our humble beginnings back in 2017.

This past week has reminded us that the hard work, long hours, investment and input we have put into mono motorcycles is recognised by the people who make us who we are – our incredible customers and support network.

Thank you to everyone who sent us such lovely messages of support while I was unwell. Thank you to everyone who has supported us to help us reach our MOT Test Centre goal. Thank You to everyone who sent us such lovely messages in regard to our recent marriage announcement and thank you to every single person who supports and believes in us here at mono motorcycles. Thank You“