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We are all aware of the huge rise in bike crime & we have begun to notice many victims offering rewards for information or return. Here’s an idea. How about investing in an alarm or tracker? We can fit TrakKING trackers from £249, alarms from £89 & DATATOOL make self fit Immobilisers from £49.

Motorcycling has changed over the years & although we strive to preserve our lifestyle & our investments; there are those who wish to try & take this away from us.

In our ever changing world, the statistics speak for themselves.

FACT – 80% of bikes are stolen from home.

FACT – A bike is over twice as likely to be stolen as a car.

FACT – Approximately 80 Motorcycles are stolen everyday in the UK.

FACT – £8m worth of bikes are stolen in the UK every month.

Therefore, when we ask motorcyclists if they know where their motorcycles are at any given time, their self assurance wavers once they read the statistics.

Do you know where your motorcycle is right now? In the car park? In your garage? Really? Are you sure?

What is the answer? How do we ensure that peace of mind is restored?  Your answer; TrakKING, S4 Red & DATATOOL.

The TrakKING works by placing a geo fence around your motorcycle, with the ignition off. If the motorcycle is moved outside of this geo fence, without the keys in the ignition, the TrakKING is activated. TrakKING uses the latest GPS/GSM locator technologies.

In the event of a suspected theft, the Vehicle Monitoring Team will contact the owner immediately and if a theft is confirmed, will liaise with the Police on the owner’s behalf to aid recovery. Thanks to the instant notification of theft, recovery of the stolen bike is far more likely than when a theft is reported several hours after the event.

DATATOOL TrakKING GPS motorcycle tracker

DATATOOL TrakKING GPS motorcycle tracker

To further compliment the DATATOOL portfolio, the TrakKING ADVENTURE has now been launched. DATATOOL TrakKING ADVENTURE delivers the same security & peace of mind as the original TrakKING, but with a range of additional features; including full journey history logging and the ability to create location or event based alerts.

In normal use, TrakKING ADVENTURE will record the vehicle position every 20 seconds and upload that data to the cloud every 2 minutes, giving you a permanent record of every journey. TrakKING ADVENTURE is a true pan European product, with coverage available in all of Western Europe and many countries beyond. Routes can be downloaded and shared with friends and points of interest can be recorded for future reference.

DATATOOL TrakKing Adventure

DATATOOL TrakKing Adventure

Until 31st March we have the following offers on our security options. Book today to take advantage of these great offers. Protect your investment, your lifestyle & for a relatively minimal outlay ensure peace of mind is restored.

DATATOOL TrakKING Adventure RRP £330, our price £299 supply & fit + subscription.

DATATOOL TrakKING RRP £299, our price £249 supply & fit + subscription

DATATOOL S4 Red Alarm RRP £349, our price £299 supply & fit

DATATOOL TrakKING & S4 Red alarm combo RRP £629, our price £499

All DATATOOL product bookings require a £50 non refundable booking fee.  Please see our T’s & C’s for more information.

Security installations can be completed at a customers home, however a small additional fee may apply dependant on distance & accessibility. Please ensure you ask about this when booking.

Contact Daniel Morris – Master Technician on 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.

Physical security.

1.       Always use physical security, if you use a disc lock fit it on the rear wheel not the front so it’s harder to access and bikes are harder to move with the rear wheel locked.

2.       If your insurance allows it don’t use the steering lock as they are too easy to break and increase the chances of your bike being written off from an attempted theft (This tip assumes you are using a disc lock at least!)

3.       If parking in public use a bike cover to make the bike less conspicuous.

4.       Never keep alarm remote and keys together, if you lose the keys not only can your bike be ridden away but you also make it easy for the thief to find your bike.

5.       Always program the PIN code for your alarm if you have one. Read the manual and know how to disarm by PIN in case you lose or damage the remote.

6.       Use a monitored tracking system as your serious security, back it up with the best alarm/immobiliser you can afford. The monitoring subscription works out at just 27p per day!

Security offers

Faulty alarm removal from £75.
Removal is FREE if upgrading to new Datatool S4 or Datatool TrakKING System.

DATATOOL S4 Red motorcycle alarm

DATATOOL S4 Red motorcycle alarm.

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