Oaklies first year anniversary working with us at mono motorcycles.

Please join us this weekend as we celebrate Oaklies first year anniversary of working with us here at mono motorcycles.

Early in September 2022 Oaklie and his Dad paid us a visit. Oaklie explained that he was starting Level 1 Motorcycle at Chichester College, West Sussex and he was looking for part time work to support his studying.

Oaklie explained that he had been riding motorcycles since he was about four or five and he was not only a keen Trials rider but also a Champion Trials Rider.

We were not necessarily looking to take on any staff at the time, but Oaklies motorcycle knowledge, his family’s collective involvement in motorcycles and his passion for the entire motorcycle industry including motorcycle sports, made us both realize that he would certainly be an asset to mono motorcycles.

Therefore, Oaklie was invited to a formal interview, and we offered him a job there and then. Based on his then college timetable, Oaklie joined us two days a week in the first instance.

Oaklie started off shadowing Daniel and was shown the processes and procedures for the daily workings of the workshop. He was also shown the paperwork he would be dealing with every day.

Once he was settled in Daniel started to show Oaklie the process of interim servicing and safety checks. These processes have an element of repetition, so it was a good place to start.

Oaklie quickly picked up the servicing process and was soon completing safety checks on some of DJK Motorcycles bikes as part of the pre-sale process.

Oaklie also started to show us that he was quite nimble fingered when it came to carburation and was able to strip, clean and rebuild carbs with great results.

Over the first few months of Oaklie being with us and under Daniel’s watchful eyes we made sure that he was learning as much as he could about the inner workings of the larger CC motorcycles. Oaklies collection of motorcycles included quite a few two strokes, so some of the mechanisms of the larger CC motorcycles were new to him.

When Oaklie turned seventeen, he finally was able to get his Suzuki GSXR 125 on the road, giving him even more road riding confidence and a fully reliable mode of transport.

As Oaklie has progressed through the first year of working at mono motorcycles, he has shown us all that he has a great intuition and understanding about the inner workings of motorcycles.

He has also started to get an understanding of motorcycle wiring and is developing an intuitive and problem-solving mind about some of the more challenging faults we welcome.

We are so very pleased that Oaklie was savvy enough as a just turned sixteen-year-old to seek us out and make us aware of his talents. We both see such great potential in him and hope that he will stay with us for many years to come.

Daniel and Katy

Directors of mono motorcycles