BMW, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda all at mono motorcycles


Despite the temperature slightly dropping and the leaves falling, Autumn has not slowed the motorcycles arriving at mono motorcycles.

Let’s take a look at some of the motorcycles which have joined us over the past couple of weeks.


Our customer had customised the R100S himself but needed assistance with the wiring and finishing. The engine had had a full rebuild elsewhere prior to arrival.

As soon as Daniel started the assessment process, he found that some of the electrical components linked to the new ignition system were not fitted when the engine was rebuilt, some parts of the wiring loom were missing and that the forks were not screwed together and both bottom bolts were missing. This meant the forks were not held in with anything. No wonder the customer said the bike felt ‘funny’ when he was wheeling it around.

Daniel started with the charging system and found that the alternator was not wired up. Once he had removed the regulator and the wiring, he removed the rectifier and required both. He then replaced the wiring from the alternator back to the regulator and to the dash.

When he removed the distributor (which was not attached) he also removed the electronics to see what manufacturer the part was.  We were able to order a Boyer Brandson ignition kit for the distributor.

While we waited for the parts, Daniel and Oaklie removed the front wheel and forks and found no nuts in the bottom of the fork stanchions, so the internals were loose. The forks were stripped, rebuilt, topped up with oil and new bolts fitted in the bottom of the legs.

The front brakes were then connected and the system was bled through. Once the Boyer Brandson ignition kit arrived it was fitted to the bike and the coils wired as instructed.

Daniel then wired the power supply from the battery to starter and starter to alternator and then checked the wiring inside headlight which was all okay.

With all this now in place Daniel tried to start the bike. It wouldn’t crank.  He then found that the starter relay and trigger were wired incorrectly. This was rewired, but it still wouldn’t crank.  Daniel then found that the clutch switch was broken so he bypassed it and the bike then cranked.

Daniel then removed the spark plugs, fitted the distributor, and cranked the engine until the oil light went out.

Daniel and Oaklie then static timed the ignition and refitted the plugs. The BMW was then run from a remote fuel tank to the carbs. Once they were satisfied the carbs were not leaking, they started the engine. The carbs were balanced, and they set the ignition timing.

The final task was to bleed the rear brake. However, no matter how long they kept at it, all they got was constant air. The customer has been advised there is most likely an issue with the master cylinder.

BMW R nineT

We have welcomed many of DJK Motorcycles bikes through our doors and the BMW R nineT’s that they have recently purchased and sold are a testament to the quality motorcycles available. The nineT joined us for pre sales servicing and some new tyres.

Ducati Monster 695

Daniel took the opportunity to continue Oaklie’s motorcycle education with showing him how to time up the Ducati during it’s DESMO check and cambelt change.

Honda VFR 400R

The immaculate Honda VFR400R we welcomed this week came to us for servicing and to assess a slight misfire at idle. Upon inspection the plugs looked quite tired, so these were replaced. Daniel then balanced the carbs and the bike is now running so much better and not misfiring at idle.

We also welcomed an equally immaculate Kawasaki Z1000SX which joined us for servicing and front brake assessment. Under inspection the brakes had a lot of air in the system and the brake fluid was contaminated. Once the brake fluid had been replaced and the system bled through, the brakes were back. However, on road test and with the brakes now operable, it was noted that the front brake discs were warped as under hard braking there was the tell tale judder. The customer who uses the bike all year round asked us to replace the discs.

Honda NT1100 DCT

The NT1100 came to us after the customer having filled up in France before his recent homeward trip, noted that after filling up the bike would not idle, would misfire and kept on cutting out. On arrival we drained a sample of fuel which smelt very odd as soon as it came out of the tank. We are wondering if our customer had filled up with a high ethanol content fuel and therefore the Honda just could not cope with it having mixed with the fuel already in the tank.

Having now fully drained the tank and filled up with Super unleaded the bike now runs smoothly, no idling issues and did not break down.

Suzuki VL800

The Suzuki VN800 joined us for pre-winter servicing, a full nut and bolt check and indicator repairs.

Yamaha FS1E

A lovely example of a Yamaha FS1E joined us this week to assess an oil leak and complete a safety check. The FS1E-DX was not all original, but that didn’t put of the lady learner who has purchased this as her first bike.

While the bike was with us, we noted that the tyres were from 2007 so we changed those while it was with us. The rear shocks have also lost their dampening so these will need replacing.

Honda CB450

The Honda CB450, which is one of our regular bikes, joined us to assess a fault with the headlight. The unit had failed and therefore an H4 headlight conversion has been ordered as a replacement.

On the 1st October we celebrated Oaklie’s first year anniversary working with us at mono motorcycles. Please read more about his first year here


Breakfast Club

Sunday 22nd October sees our last Breakfast Club of 2023. Join us for a hearty breakfast or catch up with friends from 9.00am-11.00am at the mono motorcycles workshop.

Charity Christmas Quiz

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW! £5.00 each and all proceeds go to SERV Wessex – The Blood Runners

Charity Christmas Quiz in aid of SERV. Friday 15th December 2023.

Doors open at 7.00pm, quiz starts at 7.30pm.

Small licensed bar and amazing raffle with incredible prizes.

Tickets are £5.00 each and all proceeds go to SERV Wessex Blood Runners.

Tickets can be purchased at the mono motorcycles workshop or over the telephone. T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446

Gather your teams (recommended 6-10 per team) and join us for a great evening.

Quiz categories will cover general knowledge, general motorcycle themes and Christmas.

Charity Christmas Quiz in aid of SERV Wessex Blood Runners

Charity Christmas Quiz in aid of SERV Wessex Blood Runners

Service and repair

We are already taking bookings for winter projects and winter service packages. We are encouraging bike owners to consider either having their bikes serviced throughout the winter months ready for any signs of warmer weather or, booking in for their scheduled servicing well in advance for 2024.

The weather this year has been unpredictable to say the least, so why not make sure your bike is road ready all year round to take advantage of the good weather as and when it appears!

For all your motorcycling needs contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email us at