Peace of mind on the road: how regular motorcycle servicing can improve safety and reliability.


When do you service your motorcycle?

At mono motorcycles we believe that motorcycle service and maintenance should be an all-year-round process and not just seasonal.

Whether you are a ‘fair weather rider’ or 365 days a year rider, you know that keeping your bike in good working order is essential for the longevity of the engine, tyres and working parts.

8 reasons to keep on top of your motorcycle servicing, even if you don’t ride all year.

  • Regular motorcycle servicing can help ensure that your bike is safe to ride. A well-maintained bike can reduce the risk of accidents caused by mechanical failure or other issues.
  • A properly serviced motorcycle can perform better, which can make riding more enjoyable. Regular maintenance can also help prevent performance issues from developing.
  • Properly maintaining your motorcycle can help extend its lifespan and maintain its value. Regular oil changes, for example, can help reduce wear and tear on the engine, which can lead to a longer life for your bike.
  • Regular motorcycle servicing can help improve fuel efficiency. A clean air filter, properly inflated tires, and other maintenance tasks can all help your bike run more efficiently.
  • Regular servicing can help prevent major repairs, which can be expensive. Catching and fixing small issues early on can save you money in the long run.
  • Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule can help ensure that your bike is operating as intended. This can help you avoid any warranty issues or other problems.
  • Regular servicing can help prevent problems from developing. Catching and addressing small issues early on can help prevent bigger problems down the road.
  • Knowing that your motorcycle is in good condition can give you peace of mind when you’re out on the road. You can ride with confidence, knowing that your bike is safe and reliable.

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As the UK weather has been pretty atrocious this year, it has been a challenge to get the riding season underway.

However, that still means keeping on top of your motorcycle maintenance, servicing and ensuring your motorcycle is safe and road worthy once you do get out on the roads. Leaving servicing until the very last minute, could see you find that the service and repair centres near you are already busy and you may find you are waiting some weeks for an appointment.

For all your motorcycle service and repair needs contact Daniel or Katy on 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email us on

The following are the some of the essentials you should monitor regularly and seek professional advice about should a problem arise.


If your motorcycle has been resting for several months and you decide to start it up and go for a spin, ask yourself, is that last year’s fuel in the tank?

If it is, it is most likely stale and really does need to be removed (unless you added a good quality fuel stabiliser during the bike’s resting period).

Please avoid doing what many riders we have met do and add fresh fuel on top of the stale fuel. This will still mean you have stale fuel running through your carbs, fuel lines or fuel injection system. This can cause poor running in older motorcycles and sluggish riding for modern motorcycles.

With the introduction of E10 into the fuel pumps and with now 10% ethanol added; fuel left for months on end will become stale quicker, evaporate and leave a sticky residue. If left for too long, E10 can destroy carb rubbers, hoses and in some extreme cases plastic tanks.


Coolant needs to be monitored throughout the year, as an antifreeze in the winter and a coolant in the Spring/Summer. If you find your motorcycle is overheating, check your coolant levels are accurate.

If you notice your coolant levels are dropping you could either have a radiator leak, or in some cases if your motorcycle has a mechanical seal between the coolant and the oil; the seal could be impaired and you could find the coolant mixing with the oil.


Brakes need to be checked regularly as part of all year-round maintenance. If your brake pads are low, you could put yourself and others at risk if you cannot stop properly.

The more serious side of brake maintenance is if the calipers are not serviced regularly. If calipers seize and subsequently bind, you could find that one day your motorcycle will suddenly stop unexpectedly or not at all.

Caliper strip and clean should be part of any Major Service. However, if you notice your brakes are squeaking, you feel or hear them binding & or you notice that your brake performance suddenly becomes of concern; seek professional help immediately.


When did you last check the pressures in your tyres?

Always keep an eye on your tyre pressures. You should check them EVERY time you go out for a ride. Pressures should be done while the tyres are cold and your handbook will give you an idea on the correct PSI.

Right tyre for your motorcycle.

Always choose the right tyre to suit not only your motorcycle, but also the type of riding you do. It’s no good having a touring bike with all your panniers loaded on race compound tyres, you would be lucky to get 300 miles out of them. Likewise, it’s no good running your track bike on 20yr old touring tyres, you wouldn’t  make it to the first corner!

What do you use your motorcycle for the most?

Do you commute? If so, you may want a duel compound to stop the middle wearing too quickly. Do you only ride your sports bike in the dry? In that case you could go for a more track focused tyre like a Supercorsa. There are a huge range of tyres out there and lots of road test reviews on the internet. Tyres are not cheap & you don’t want to make a costly mistake buying the wrong type.

How old?

Check the date the tyre was manufactured. On the side of the tyre is a date stamp. You read this like this:


Week 03

Year 2017

This is even worth checking on new tyres especially on “eBay bargains” as they may be old stock. We buy our tyres from a dealer with a high turn over of stock, so no tyres are more than a few weeks old. If your motorcycle has been stood for a long time the tyres may have flat spots and will need replacing.

Fork seals

Fork seals can start to leak at any time. Road debris, stone chips, salt and dust can all creep under the fork seals causing them to leak. Leaving it too long between fork seal replacements can put an enormous strain on the rubber compound, as it begins to deteriorate with age, which can also cause leaks.

Another more common reason for fork seals starting to leak, is if the chrome on the stanchions is pitted, rusted, scratched or beginning to show signs of thinning. All of these things can add to a poor seal being created by the fork seal and causing them to leak.

Here at mono motorcycles, we only fit genuine fork seals as we have found all too often that non genuine seals simply do not create the right seal and can leak again all too quickly.

Caution: If you find your fork seals are leaking, do not leave them too long before you get the issue addressed. Fork oil can drip down onto your brake calipers and discs causing irreparable damage, hardening or glazing of the pads and discs and impair brake performance.

Chain & sprockets

Greasing your motorcycle chain not only aids longevity, but it also keeps the performance of the motorcycle in check.

A dry and rusty chain, which can be caused by hot weather and dusty road surfaces; can cause riding inconsistencies and make the drive train feel harsh when riding.

If you ride through the winter months and the road salt got into your chain, you may want to consider replacing it before the riding season.

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