Triumph, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Norton @ mono motorcycles

Vroooom! This is how it feels at the mono motorcycles workshop currently. We are super busy & extremely grateful for everyone’s continued support.

We took a break from workshop blogging last week & Daniel stepped in for a technical blog. Therefore, let’s catch up with what has been happening over the past fortnight.

Mon 02.11.2020 –

It was a Triumph’ant day at the mono motorcycles workshop & we started the day with the beautifully immaculate Pearl White Triumph Street Triple RS 765 which joined us for a detail & ACF50 winter treatment before it goes away for the winter.

The second Triumph up on the ramp was an immaculate Triumph Daytona 955i.

The Daytona joined us with a charging issue. As can be seen from the photo’s, the fuse had melted & there was an additional fuse fitted below. However, the reason the 955i joined us, was that our customer advised that the modification was now getting very hot.

Daniel tested the stator output & this was correct. He continued to test the wiring to ascertain the where the fault is located.

Tues 03.11.2020 –

Early start this morning & Daniel carried out a wiring mod to the charging system on the Triumph Daytona. The charge rate at the battery went from 12.9v to 14.3v & the wiring is no longer getting hot.

Our third Triumph of the week, was a Triumph Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird having been purchased a few years ago, never ran properly & kept on breaking down. Having now sat for 18 months, our customer wishes to regenerate the Thunderbird, with a possible view to a sale.

As the Thunderbird was a non runner & has had fuel in the tank for 18 months, the first task was to drain he tank & clean the carbs.

Once Daniel & Nathan had removed the carbs, it was discovered that they were in a sorry state, with all of the diaphragm’s having perished, the jets being blocked, screws rounded off & in much need of ultrasonic cleaning.

Having been cleaned, the carbs are now awaiting new diaphragm’s to be able to be rebuilt.

Weds 04.11.2020 – A morning of diagnostic work. We welcomed a BMW K1300s with no neutral light. This was diagnosed as a gearbox switch fault & parts ordered.

We also welcomed a 954 Honda Fireblade in for a non start & a Suzuki GSXR 7/11 fighter in for wiring & running issues.

Once Daniel began to assess the Fireblade, he discovered all too quickly why there was an issue. Having been left with fuel sitting in the tank, carbs & filter; the corrosive nature of off fuel had caused excessive damage to the fuel pump. Once our customer had been advised of the damage & authorised us to order parts; it was time to rebuild the pump.

Thurs 05.11.2020 – Daniel spent the better part of today working on the Yamaha R1, which began to accept the straight bar conversion stance. Daniel fitted all new cables, new handle bars, grips & sorted the front end electrics. He has also fitted a new Yoshimura exhaust system.

Fri 06.11.2020 – This morning we welcomed a BMW F800 to the mono motorcycles workshop. The F800 joined us for some wiring issues. The headlight wiring connector had melted & the rear brake light wiring had become faulty. Daniel fitted new LED bulbs & controllers in the headlights & repaired the rear light connections.

The BMW K1300S which joined us on Tuesday, was completed this afternoon as the gear box position sensor arrived. However, in true BMW style, to gain access to the plug for the gear box position sensor, you have to take the tank off, which also means all of the fairing has to come off too!

Mon 09.11.2020 –

Today we welcomed back a very dear friend to the mono motorcycles workshop. The 1972 Norton Commando 750 joined us this week with a charging issue, oil leak, in need of some new tyres & a service.

Upon inspection it was found that the aluminium plate behind the stator had started to disintegrate, causing the bike to fail to start. As we only fitted the new stator/starter motor in 2018, we are now seeking advise from the manufacturers as to potential reasons for the parts failure. With lockdown restrictions in place, logistics for rare parts are being hampered slightly.

We have been working on the Norton over the past couple of years & supporting her devoted owner who has owned her since new! Read all about her story in our blog

Weds 11.11.2020 – Another mad mono day. We welcomed a Triumph Daytona in for a replacement loom after the customer “had a go” Sadly the replacement loom the customer presented us with from an ST, does not fit the Daytona & the wiring looms for the Daytona are no longer available.

The orange Honda grey import was in for an MOT but we discovered upon arrival it was not charging when it wouldn’t start. Having done some homework, Daniel has now found the relevant parts needed but they are in China! We have advised our customer of our findings & have advised that we will get on to the Honda as soon as the parts arrive.

Thurs 12.11.2020 –

Busy busy busy day at mono motorcycles! Up on the ramp this morning we welcomed one of our regular customers & a great supporter of mono motorcycles Triumph Speed Triple in for a complete brake overhaul.

This afternoon we welcomed back the BMW F800 for fork seal replacement (fork seals noted as leaking when the bike was with us last week & we have had to order parts) & Daniel commenced work on the Suzuki 7/11 carbs.

We are hugely grateful for everyone’s continued support during this very challenging time for UK businesses & we really do appreciate everyone’s belief in us.

With this in mind, we are currently now booking from January 2021 & recommending that if you are seeking servicing come March/April 2021, to book very early to avoid disappointment.

As always, for all your motorcycling needs do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.

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