Triumph, Honda, motogadget and sunny days at mono motorcycles


The sun has finally put in an appearance, and we are booking up fast! Take a look at what we have been working on this week.

Triumph Thunderbird.

The thunderbird was originally booked in for a carb balance and safety check.

During the assessment it was noted that the bike would cut out under any kind of load.

An investigation found that the crank sensor had failed. It was evident that a previous technician had been in amongst the wiring, as the crank sensor wiring was routed incorrectly.

Once we had agreed with our customer to source a new crank sensor and the new one was fitted, the bike was test ridden. It seemed to perform perfectly.

Upon collection the customer went to pull away and the bike stalled again.

Back into the workshop and under further investigation Daniel discovered that the plug from the regulator rectifier was damaged. He subsequently made repairs and tried to test ride. He noted that only when the bikes handlebars were turned hard to the left did the bike start to misbehave.

Further investigation points to either a broken wire in the wiring loom or possibly the ignition module. At the time of writing this assessment is ongoing.

Daniel’s new Triumph Speed Triple 1050

Daniel took receipt of his new Speed Triple last week and here are his thoughts on its performance.

Saturday 20.05.2023 – “First proper ride this morning on the 1050 speed RS & a few people have asked what’s it like compared to my old 765rs. Well, it’s better in nearly every way, much more comfortable to ride although slightly taller. Not quite as sharp handling as the street but it’s a heavier bike, you just need to “ride” it a bit more when pushing it at higher speeds to stop it running wide mid corner. Huge mid-range grunt means you can be lazy on gear changes but work that box & wow!

Traction control is a lot smoother than the 2018 765rs but both bikes much better with the traction control off completely. Overall it’s a 9/10 from me. “

Honda Monday

Monday this week was really busy and the phone was ringing off the hook!

We had a Honda’tastic kind of day. We welcomed back the Yellow Hornet for a carb overhaul and to get running smoothly. Oaklie worked his magic on this one and the bike runs really well.

The lovely Honda CB160 re-joined us for some carb fettling as the bike had started to run on only one cylinder. Daniel was on this one and it now runs smoothly.

Last up we welcomed one of the Honda cruiser range the VT 750 for pre sales servicing. Another great sale from DJK Motorcycles Ltd

Triumph Thruxton motogadget

The Thruxton motogadget rewire and upgrade is well under way. Having already fabricated the battery an motogadget trays, had them powder coated and removed the airbox, it is now time to wire the bike with the motogadget system.

Daniel initially stripped out the wiring loom and what you can see him holding (laid out on the bench) is the running system for the bike. The excess is no longer needed.

Now comes the task of splicing in the new bespoke built wiring loom for the motogadget m.unit, lights, indicators, momentary push switchgear and associated elements.

As part of the motogadget system, you can run what is known as momentary push switches. These stylish and minimalistic alternatives to traditional switchgear are very popular in the custom bike scene.

Momentary push switches cannot simply replace the traditional switchgear and on some more modern bikes they are not compatible at all, especially bikes which are CanBUS.

However, in this case the Triumph having had the original lighting and switchgear circuits removed and a bespoke wiring loom having been built by Daniel, can run these stylish switches.

What you see here is one of the two plugs Daniel has had to build to enable the m.unit to allow the relevant signals to the momentary push switches.

For more information about how the motogadget system could transform your motorcycle, head over to the mono motorcycles website.

Chrome Royal Enfield

The Chrome Royal which we have been working on since 2019 and having been custodians for since 2020 has finally left us and is heading out to Europe with its owner for the Summer.


Having taken the very difficult decision to cancel our bike show, we are now concentrating on our very popular Breakfast Clubs for the rest of 2023.

Join us this coming Sunday 28th May at the mono motorcycles workshop from 9.00am-11.00am for a hearty breakfast, catch up with friends or drop in for a pit-stop.

As always for all your service and repair needs contact Daniel or Katy on 01243  576212 / 07899 654446, email or contact us through our contact page.