Triumph, Yamaha, Suzuki, Enfield, Service, Repair, Wiring & Charity Quiz @ mono motorcycles

It certainly has been a busy fortnight here at mono motorcycles. With plenty of motorcycles still joining us for service, repair & wiring, we have also had our very successful Charity Quiz in the middle.

Week of 29th November

Yamaha XV1100

Last week we welcomed a Yamaha XV1100 to the workshop with a charging issue. Under investigation Daniel found there was no output from the stator at all, which would explain why the bike would not hold a charge.

Having spoken with the customer, he has agreed to replace the stator with a genuine part (we avoid using patten parts, as we have had nothing but issues with them over the years)

With the part having arrived after a 10 journey from Japan, we were able to get the new stator fitted. As can be seen from the photograph, the old stator was showing signs of age, as the windings are a dark caramel colour, meaning they are failing & not generating a charge.

Daniel also found a 1v drop between the battery & the reg/rec & therefore he has bridged a wire from the reg/rec, directly to the battery.

Triumph Speedmaster 

The Triumph Speedmaster joined us for some repairs, after sadly a trampoline decided to take a flying lesson in a recent storm & leave a considerable dent in the tank, take out the rear indicators & the levers.

Daniel has replaced the rear indicators with mini dual lights (brake & indicator in one) the levers have already been replaced. Daniel modified a Triumph Bobber bracket to attach a smaller (still legal) registration plate directly to the rear hugger & next year our customer will be having the tank repaired & re-painted.

Triumph Street Triple 675 R

The Triumph 675 Street Triple joined us for a headlight upgrade. Daniel converted the headlights to run the later model 765rs headlight.

As the fitting was different, Daniel had to make up a bespoke bracket to allow fitting. We had the bracket powder coated to ensure it fitted in with the colour scheme of the Triumph.

With the upgrade in place & LED bulbs in the new headlight, the lights on the 675R are now super bright!

Our customer was so pleased with the outcome, that she left us a 5* review.

Lambretta 125

The Lambretta, which belongs to one of our regular customers, had some electrical issues which manifest themselves in the bike over charging. The regulator had recently been replaced, but the issue still remained.

Under investigation, Daniel found 18v at the regulator rectifier when revving.

Having removed the headlight & checked the wiring, he then tightened the earth.

Upon further inspection, Daniel found two wires on reg/rec on round the wrong way & yellow wire not connected.

With the yellow wire. Reconnected, the Lambretta now has voltage at the headlight bulb at 6.3vat on tickover & max revs 8.1v

Charity Quiz

What an incredible night Friday 3rd December was! The Pallant Centre was a hive of excitement & festive cheer. Attendees got in the swing of things at the bar & the raffle.

James Hillier Racing was our very special guest & offered an impromptu Q&A session, started our raffle draw off & was happy to pose for selfies & answer questions from the guests. Huge thanks to James Hillier Racing

for coming down & supporting us. We were blown away by the support.

With ticket sales & the incredible raffle we raised £1000 for SERV Wessex Blood Runners. Huge thanks to every single person who attended & to all of our supporters.

Week of 6th December

Suzuki Bandit wiring

Daniel has been working on our secret project this week & marked up & fitted all the electrical components ahead of the motogadget install. Want to know what we are building? Well you will just have to wait until it’s finished, all we can tell you it’s going to be proper cool! (It’s a secret because our customer is having a big reveal at the end!)

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 EFI

The Enfield joined us as anon start & our customer advised that he could keep the battery charged, but it would not start.

Once the Enfield was with us, Daniel checked for spark & it was OK. The fuel did not seem to have gone stale, so next up he charged the battery.

With the battery charging, Daniel then checked the spark plug & found it was fouled up. With the spark plug replaced & fuel cleaner added into the tank, the Enfield fired up.

When we spoke with our customer, he advised he was looking to sell the Enfield & it is now for sale through  DJK Motorcycles

Heated Grips

With winter well & truly upon us, Daniel fitted a set of Daytona Heated Grips this week. They are really good quality & feature very small button so no bulky controller.

We can supply & fit these grips, contact us for prices.

As we approach Christmas we are still fully booked & preparing for a busy new year. We already have three events in our calendar & that is only the beginning! Watch this space!


If you are thinking ahead & would like to speak to us about your motorcycle service, repair & or motorcycle wiring needs for 2022; give a rung on T: 01243 576212 / 078799 654446 or contact us through our contact page.