Triumphs to Honda C90’s! A week of extremes at mono motorcycles


We have returned from a refreshing weeks holiday in Devon to a full on week at the mono motorcycles workshop!

On Monday we welcomed a Ducati Monster 695 for Cambelts.

Daniel also managed to address most of the last issues with the Yamaha TDR. Having had its new gaiters fitted & the exhaust re-sealing, a nut & bolt check & tyre pressure check/re-inflate tyres. Once road tested the TDR was ready to go home to our happy customer.

Also on Monday we welcomed back one of our returning customers Yamaha R1.

The R1 joined us for a Full Service. However, once up on the ramp Daniel discovered that the rear brake had seized. Therefore, he stripped the caliper & cleaned it & rebuilt the rear brake.

First up on the ramp on Tuesday we welcomed a naked Suzuki V-STROM 1000 (our customer has kindly already removed the panels for us)

The V-STROM joined us this morning for a throttle body balance. Daniel, using the TEXA Diagnostic Unit, checked the throttle balance by looking at the data from the absolute pressure sensors on both manifolds. As they both read the same, this meant the throttle bodies were balanced. He then reset the idle control.

Next up on the ramp on Tuesday, we welcomed a popping red Triumph Speed Triple 1050 S. The Speed Triple joined us for servicing, throttle body balance & brake fluid change.

On Wednesday we welcomed a pair of Honda C90s!  The Blue one had no spark & the grey one sounded like it has no compression.

Once Daniel began work on the Blue C90, he found crank sensor & stator full of rust. Thankfully we had a good second hand engine from another C90 we have, so therefore Daniel fitted a good second hand unit from the other engine. Then he found he had spark.

Daniel then checked for fuel & found none coming from the pipe. Once he had added fuel, he found the fuel hose was split. Once replaced he then refitted the tank, checked the valve clearances & adjusted them as they were both tight. Once this was completed, the engine fired but would not rev up.

Daniel then removed the inlet manifold & re-seated spinner plate. The C90 ran better but was still not right. Therefore, Daniel removed the spinner plate & bolted the carb directly to inlet manifold which made the C90 run much better.

Once Daniel dropped the needle in the carb to lowest setting & set idle & air correctly, the C90 ran perfectly.

On Friday,  we welcomed one of our returning customers & great supporter of mono motorcycles Triumph Street Triple 675R for its 12k Valve Clearance service.

The Royal Enfield custom has now been completed after an extended lockdown stay & returns home to it’s owner this coming weekend.

Remember if you are considering taking on a project & or customising a motorcycle yourself; please do read our blog for some helpful tips & insights.

As always, for all your motorcycling needs, please do contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or email us on E:

Our mono motorcycles Online Charity Christmas Quiz 2020 is now live! Tickets are £5.00 & can be purchased from Brown Paper Tickets. All proceeds with be split 50/50 between Amicii Dog Rescue (where Sprocket was rescued from) & SERV Blood runners.

Mono motorcycles online Christmas Charity Quiz 2020

Mono motorcycles online Christmas Charity Quiz 2020