A Japanese motorcycle theme this week at mono motorcycles


Changes are afoot at the mono motorcycles workshop! All will be revealed in due course. It continues to be a busy time for the mono motorcycles team & we are, as always, never happier than when we have a constant flow of motorcycles through our doors.

Monday was a busy busy day at the mono motorcycles workshop.

The Yamaha MT10 went through its annual service & rear tyre in the morning & we then had to wait on a new headlight cluster.

The Pan European had it’s new fork stanchions fitted with genuine fork seals.  Daniel then completed a valve clearance check as instructed by our customer. Thankfully all clearances were within tolerance. Once the plugs were fitted, the Pan European was ready to go home.

Daniel & Nathan also made a start on the Triumph Daytona 675 which is being rebuilt as a road bike.

On Tuesday we were delighted to welcome one of our great supporters Yamaha XJ6 to the mono motorcycles workshop.

The XJ6 having been lovingly customised & having  been brought on so far by her owner; we have now been tasked with completing the project, sorting the wiring & getting the XJ6 running. (The green tank is only temporary, as this Yamaha is destined for some rather unique paintwork when she is complete.)

Some of our other guests with us for servicing. The Ducati Multistrada with us for a Desmo Service & the Yamaha MT10 & MT07 for annual servicing.

Wednesday was a damp day outside but warm & busy in the workshop.

Nathan was busy replacing the headlight on the MT10, then replacing the battery on the MT07. Daniel meanwhile replaced the headstock bearings & chain & sprockets on the Honda Fireblade.

Once these tasks were complete, both Daniel & Nathan began work on the Yamaha XJ6 to see if they could get it running.

Daniel having downloaded the original wiring diagram for the XJ6 & working out why it didn’t have a spark with a quick bit of hot wiring & she was a runner! Once the XJ6 was running, Daniel was able to balance the carbs, which were considerably out of balance. T

On Thursday Daniel completed the work he needed to do to the Yamaha XJ6. Having got the XJ6 running, Daniel then installed the motogadget keyless ignition.

With a lot going on at the moment, Daniel has been getting some early starts in to crack on with work while it is quiet.

On Friday Daniel began work on the 2001 Yamaha YZF-R1 in. There is quite a lot to do to the R1 over the next few weeks as we are fitting a straight bar conversion, but retaining the original fairing. We are also rebuilding & ultrasonically cleaning the carbs with a new Dynojet kit, fitting an exhaust, rebuilding the clutch, replacing chain, sprocket, tyres, extending all the cables & wiring to fit the straight bars to maintain a clean factory look.

It was great to see our names in print this month as  part of the Paul Milbourn Customs feature in Back Street Heroes.

BSH also featured a picture of the Yamaha XJ900, which was our first motogadget install & rewire.


As we move effortlessly towards winter, we are mindful of our customers needs & at time of print, we were already booking from the second week in December.

If you know your motorcycle is going to need servicing from Spring 2021, please do take advantage of our early bird booking system to avoid disappointment when the warmer weather arrives in 2021.

As always, for all your motorcycling needs, contact Daniel or Katy on T: 01243 576212 / 07899 654446 or contact us through our contact page.

Note: We have changed our Charity Quiz in December to a Charity Raffle. More details will follow.

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