Ducati, Triumph, Honda, Suzuki and BMW at mono motorcycles this week


In advance of Valentines Day next week, we have been seeing red at the mono motorcycles workshop this week.

Here are some highlights from the mono motorcycles workshop this week.

Last weekend Katy’s Dad came and helped Daniel with the painting and preparation of the new unit we have taken on for the MOT test centre. The walls have now been painted, plastic sheeting in place to protect the walls and the floor covering is half done.

Now all we need is the change of use to come through from the Council and we can actually get the MOT application underway.

To find out more about our Go Fund Me MOT test centre fundraiser, follow the link https://gofund.me/f5625e43


Monday was a truly manic day.

The BMW K75 we have had residing with us for some time now, was nearly finished. With the wiring completed Daniel was able to get on with the remedial tasks like weld the exhaust to make it safe, fit the heated grips, make a clutch bale and rebuild the bike.

Oaklie got on with the Full Service to the Honda SH 300 and started the repairs to the exhaust clamp.

We welcomed an electric cruiser/scooter for a rear tyre repair. Not as easy with electric, as to get the rear wheel out you have to removed the motor wiring and of course the battery to make the bike safe to work on.

We also started the assessments on the Honda VFR 800 today (see the outcome on Friday)

Italian Tuesday

On Tuesday we welcomed a Ducati Monster 1200 for cambelts and an interim service and a Ducati Multistrada 1200s for cambelts, an interim service and exhaust valve repair.


On Wednesday we welcomed a Suzuki GSXR 1000 K4 for supplying and fitting a gear indicator, speedo healer and heated grips. Daniel also installed resistors to correct the flash rate of the already fitted LED indicators.


…and in the red corner!

This week has certainly seen a red theme.

On Friday morning Daniel fitted a new SAT Nav and above dash bracket to the Triumph Tiger 900 GT.

The Honda VFR 800 which had been left with us on Monday had been reported to have a starting issue when the bike had been utterly soaked overnight with rain. This had happened about 18 months ago.

We have left the bike out in the pouring rain this week to test it and as is often the case, the bike started without fault every time.

However, while Oaklie undertook the full Service on the VFR this morning, the air filter was found to have signs of water damage and had bowed because of it. This could have been why the bike would appear not to start after a thorough soaking. The air filter has been replaced as part of the service.

The Ducati SS which had some extensive wiring work a few weeks ago and has had a replacement stator due to a charging fault, is now being assessed for carb issues as the bike has never run properly since we started working on it.

As anyone who knows anything about old carbs, they are not in the best way, and we found an interesting use of a brake bolt inside the carbs which had been engineered to house the jets! This one is ongoing.

The Ducati Monster 1200 which joined us for an Interim Service, cambelts, new battery and arranging an MOT on Monday, unfortunately failed the MOT on fork seals.

The Ducati has been laid up since early 2022 and as is sometimes the case, when a bike has been stationary and on a side stand for any length of time, when the bike suddenly starts to move again, the seals can tear.

The seals are now here and once fitted we will be able to get it in for a re-test.


Open Day

mono motorcycles and DJK Motorcycles are expanding! Join both businesses on Sunday 24th March from 9am-Midday to find out more about our exciting news.

We will welcome Cattlebox Kitchen to the event and they will provide breakfast from 9am-11am and then Coffee/Tea and Cake from 11am-Midday.

mono motorcycles are the premier motorcycle Service and Repair centre serving Chichester and the surrounding area.

DJK Motorcycles are the leading motorcycle sales, storage and transport company in the Chichester area.

Join us to celebrate our expanding businesses and find out more about how we can support you.

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9th February is a very special for us.

On 9th February 2016 when Katy got home from a long day of teaching and turned her phone on, a message appeared through the dating app she’d been on. A Daniel Morris had reached out and sent her a message. A mutual love of all things fast with two or four wheels and being lifelong petrolheads brought us together. Daniel was still working for the AA and Katy was still in full time teaching so our work schedules meant that we didn’t actually get a chance to meet until the 17th February. However, we both knew from the moment we started talking that there was something very special there. Daniel knew Katy was the ‘one’ when she mentioned that if they made Castrol R as a perfume she would wear it! By June 2016 we knew this was for real, so Katy left her job in Worthing and we moved in together in Havant. By April 2017 Daniel felt the AA had run its course and we started mono motorcycles from our garage at home. In January 2018 Katy left teaching after nearly 10 years and in February 2018 we moved the business into Funtington, where we are today. Our business is our life. It is everything we do and all we are. We are both passionate about motorcycles and this makes sense for where we are and where we want the business to go. We are both grateful to have found each other and been able to bring our joint passion for motorcycling together in mono motorcycles. Thank You to everyone who has and continues to support us on our journey. All the best, Daniel and Katy